CM Punk says “never ever ever ever” to returning to the ring


In the wrestling business everyone has learned to say never say never. But CM Punk is ready to break the mold after admitting on TV that he’ll never get inside a wrestling ring again.

A clean shaven CM Punk co-hosted the AP Music Awards yesterday night and told CBS 19’s Chris Van Vliet before the show that he’s feeling “f**king awesome” and that he was asked before to host this particular show before but he had other commitments on Monday nights but now those “fell through.”

When asked what he’s been up to in the past six months, he said, “There’s chunks of my life that I don’t remember due to staph infections and concussions. You know, you can’t blame it all on drugs with this guy because I’m straight-edge.” He also showed his wedding ring to show what has happened in the past six months.

“You think there’s ever a chance we’ll see you back in a squared circle?” Van Vliet asked. “No. Never ever ever ever,” said Punk, who added that they’re going to go crazy on Twitter now and they’re going to hold him to it! You can see the short interview below.