CM Punk opens up about the WWE Backstage tryout and how it came about


Appearing on Collider Live, former WWE champion CM Punk talked about his recent WWE Backstage tryout and what it entails if he does end up getting the job.

“I’m in a position in my life where I go, hm, what you got? I’m in a position where I’m like…talk to me,” Punk told the hosts, saying that he’s open to do anything but if WWE approaches him to wrestle, he’ll probably say he’s not interested. “If you want me to do anything, talk to me, but don’t waste my time,” he continued.

He noted that he has grown as a person and doesn’t need the confrontation and doesn’t need the drama that being a professional wrestler brings along but he would be interested in doing the talk show. He said that his agents called him and they told him that FOX is “throwing everything at this cause they spent a lot of money and they’re all in” to do the show.

He put over Renee Young, saying he loved Renee and thinks she’s a great person. Young, as the host of the show, was present for Punk’s on-camera tryout at the FOX Sports studios in Los Angeles. He told producers that he wasn’t going to come in and “dump on everything” because that would be the old him but if the product gets bad, then he will criticize it.

“They want to present it like it’s a real sport and have a show that recaps stuff just like they do with NFL, just like NHL Network do with hockey games,” Punk said of the WWE Backstage show.

When asked if anyone from WWE reached out to him after he did the tryout, he said no and added, “I’m the boogeyman!” He did say that this is a FOX show and it’s FOX who’s taking care of everything and originally said no to the idea until they told him he wouldn’t be actually dealing with WWE.