CM Punk discusses the advice he gave Ronda Rousey before WrestleMania debut


CM Punk admitted that he gave his friend Ronda Rousey some advice before her WrestleMania debut, insisting with her that the most important thing was to have fun.

“I don’t know what it’s like back there in this current environment. I know she’d probably get treated differently, just as I know I probably get treated differently here,” Punk told “The only thing I ever told her is, ‘I know you’ve got a lot of people telling you, do this, don’t do this’ – whatever you do, when you go out there for WrestleMania, make sure you have fun. Period.”

The former champ said he did not see her full match, but did see a few clips from her impressive debut, saying it’s hard for him to watch a wrestling match anymore.

“I literally, I can’t get through eight seconds without being like, ‘OK, umm, can I change the channel? I’m bored, I gotta watch something else,’” Punk said, adding that he doesn’t like how there’s LED screens on everything now. “There’s LED screens everywhere and there’s flashing lights and I feel like I’m gonna have a seizure.”

In a past interview, Ronda Rousey said she’d be honored to work with Punk in wrestling and she would be thrilled just to have him back in WWE.