CM Punk discusses heat with The Rock and if he would take a call from WWE


CM Punk appeared in front of a sold out crowd at Starrcast III yesterday for a Q&A panel moderated by Mike Johnson of

One of the topics that came up during the Q&A was his program with The Rock. Punk was not particularly happy at the time that he had to wrestle The Rock and basically lose the WWE title to the part-timer.

Punk mentioned how before their Royal Rumble match, he went up to Rock’s hotel room and found out that his own promo was written by the people who write stuff for The Rock, mainly Brian Gewirtz. Gewirtz and others were there inside the room and Punk made it clear that he wasn’t happy that they wrote the promo for him. Eventually both sides found a compromise that satisfied the two parties.

The former WWE champion admitted that he did apologize to Rocky afterward for “being a dick” and Johnson accepted his apology and the two made up. He called The Rock the smartest man in the business and recalled that time when they were filming a part of the Fighting With My Family movie where fans in Los Angeles started a massive CM Punk chant before the scene was set to be filmed.

Johnson, not intimidated by the crowd, decided to give Punk a call on his cell phone in the middle of the ring, sending everyone at the STAPLES Center into delirium. Unfortunately, Punk said that when The Rock was calling him he was in the elevator going to walk his dog and couldn’t take the call. He noted that he received tons of text messages afterward and thought that someone died.

During the same Q&A panel, Punk was asked if he would talk to Vince McMahon or Triple H if they called him. Punk said that he wouldn’t not take a call from them but if they call, they better have something good. “I’ll have a conversation with anybody, but I’m not calling them,” Punk said.

Punk added that he’s over what happened to him in WWE and he has been over it for a while, noting that he’s now 40 years old and tries not to let that stuff affect him anymore.