CM Punk chooses Roufusport as his new MMA gym


CM Punk has chosen Roufusport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as his new MMA gym as he begins his journey in the UFC.

Roufusport was ideal for Punk as it’s just a 90 minute drive away from where he lives in Chicago which means he doesn’t have to relocate to train.

The MMA academy has two champions in its group at the moment, Anthony Pettis, the UFC Lightweight champion, and Ben Askren, the One FC Welterweight champion.

“I am excited to work with him,” the owner of Roufusport, Duke Roufus, told “I’m just that type of person, I believe in positive mental attitude. You work hard and dedicate yourself and magic things happen.”

Roufus added that Punk is his friend and while everyone would have loved to work with him, he said those people know his wrestling persona whereas he knows the real Phil Brooks.

“I’m going to connect and find a way for Phil to be successful. That’s what I bring to the table. And I’m really excited about the challenge, honestly. There are so many naysayers, but I enjoy that,” Roufus said.