Chyna announces she’s getting married, tapes interview in response to Triple H


In a video on YouTube, Joanie “Chyna” Laurer announced that she’s getting married to a Japanese man, Nobuhiko Hagihara, who she has known since 2002.

The former WWE Women’s and Intercontinental champion has been living in Tokyo, Japan, and working as an English teacher for the past year or so and she said that while she doesn’t know what’s gonna happen next, she’s excited about moving forward and excited about the future.

She said she doesn’t speak Japanese and her man doesn’t speak English very well but the two have a connection and he asked her to get married and she said yes.

Chyna said she will be moving back to the United States and name dropped Lucha Underground as a possible future workplace for her.

Chyna also taped a video response to Triple H’s comments from the Steve Austin podcast, a video which will exclusively air on Vince Russo’s website for paid subscribers.

“There are some things that are going to be said which I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for,” she said regarding her response, but she said the truth had to be told. Russo and Chyna – who are good friends – taped a 90 minute video interview together which will be released in full after Monday Night Raw on February 9.

You can catch a small preview of the interview below.