Bully Ray’s future still remains undecided


Former TNA champion Bully Ray chose his words carefully when asked about being “back” with TNA during a session of Q&A with fans on Twitter.

Ray said it was “fun for one night” and when someone said that this means he won’t be going to WWE, he said that’s not necessarily true. Ray did not sign a new TNA deal.

With a lot of fans asking when he and Devon are going back to WWE, he told them to keep asking WWE that question and if the WWE Universe wants them, the two have the tables ready for one more run.

Ending his Q&A, Ray wrote, “Thanks guys…Im out…good talk. See you next time. Keep watchin!!… Not about ‘Who’s NEXT…it’s where’s NXT.’”

Bully Ray made his first TNA appearance on Friday since October 2014 as special guest referee for the TNA World Heavyweight title match between Kurt Angle and Eric Young. In January he was a surprise entrant in the 2015 Royal Rumble match.