Brock Lesnar rumored to have asked for a big flat-fee for UFC return


In the latest episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that Brock Lesnar decided to call it quits from the UFC after he demanded a flat fee for his next fight, a fee which the UFC thought it was too much and refused his demand.

Ever the business man, Lesnar decided not to pursue a fight in the UFC anymore and told UFC President Dana White that he’s done. The way pay-per-views are now structured are completely different because the UFC ditched pay-per-view providers and are now only doing them with ESPN+.

Every pay-per-view has to go through ESPN+ and it’s online only, with sales likely taking a hit after eliminating the traditional PPV broadcast. Popular fighters usually get a cut from PPV sales and with less people now potentially getting the shows due to the switch to online-only, the cut would be much less.

Brock is already confirmed by WWE to be taking part in the next Saudi Arabia event in June.