Brian Pillman Jr., training to become a professional wrestler


WKRC Cincinnati is running a story about Brian Pillman Jr., – the son of the late Brian Pillman – starting wrestling training to become a professional wrestler just like his father.

Pillman has chosen Ohio Valley Wrestling, the old WWE developmental territory, to start learning the ropes.

“Growing up, I thought, he’s going to be forgotten by the time I’m 24, before I get settled in and can even consider this as a career,” the young Pillman said of his father. He was just four years old when his dad passed away in 1997.

“It is a huge legacy. It is very big shoes to fill,” the 22-year-old said.

“The plan is to follow in his footsteps for sure and maintain that high flying style. His love is scattered all throughout the world, and I just want to go to each and every one of those places and pick that up and connect with those fans, because, I’m a product of them. I’m a product of those fans, and I’m going to fulfill the fans dreams of becoming a star. Just to see that I’ve come full circle, and I’m back to pursuing his dream, I think he would be very proud,” he concluded.