Bret Hart thinks Hulk Hogan is glad Roddy Piper passed away


It’s no secret that Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan have zero love for each other and Hart did not shy away from blasting the Hulkster one more time during a Q&A with Canadian broadcaster TSN which was broadcast live on Periscope.

Bret said that Hogan is most likely “glad” that Roddy Piper passed away because his death took off some heat from Hogan’s racist audio recordings during those days as the media switched gears to cover Piper’s passing instead.

Hogan did not appreciate the comment and wrote on Twitter, “The words about Roddy Piper’s death were out line, I’m praying for you Bret Hart, only love my brother.”

Hart said that while he doesn’t remember Hogan being a racist during the time he worked with him, he’s sort of happy that Hogan got busted. He also said that he hopes Hogan never comes back! Ouch.