Bret Hart says he is now 100% cancer free


In an interview with SportsNet, WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart has revealed that he is now 100% cancer free.

Hart revealed in the beginning of February of last year that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and around two weeks after ha made the news public, he underwent surgery.

“You know, it’s so critical for me to stress…that it’s just a blood test,” Bret said, urging men to go get screened for prostate cancer. He credits early detection as the thing that saved his life. Unfortunately, his brother Smith is also suffering from prostate cancer but wasn’t so lucky and has maybe a year left to live.

In December of last year, Hart told Sports Illustrated that his health was good and the last check-up revealed that his PSA levels were zero. Doctors told him he had a one-in-ten recovery.

“I would say I’m pretty close to normal,” Hart concluded.