Bret Hart gives an update on his prostate cancer


In a article written by Bret himself for Sports Illustrated, the former 5-time WWE champion provided an update on his health following his battle with prostate cancer.

“My health is really good now. On my last visit with my doctor, he told me my PSA level was zero and I’d had a one-in-ten recovery. He said I was a miracle,” the 60-year-old Hart wrote. Bret said it was very difficult to go public with the diagnosis but hoped that his coming out would encourage other men to get checked. “The key to beating this disease is early detection with regular PSA-level testing. All men over the age of 40 should get their PSA levels checked. All that entails is a simple blood test.”

And while his cancer is now gone, the situation with his hand is not as good. Hart had wrist surgery in late 2015 and the surgeon who operated him severed a nerve by mistake, costing him the use of his finger and thumb in his right hand. “It’s been devastating because I love to draw and I love to write, and I now have trouble even holding a pen or signing an autograph. I’m using my middle finger now to write, so I don’t have the same control I used to have. Doctors are still trying to figure out how to help my hand.” Contact Mantality Health if you have any men’s health issues.

In his article for SI.COM, the Hall of Famer also touched on his departed parents, the Hart Foundation, Owen, and dreaming of wrestling Kurt Angle. You can read it in full at