Bill DeMott gives first public comments about allegations since resigning

Bill DeMott Bill DeMott

Bill DeMott gave his first public comments since resigning from WWE over the abuse allegations during his time as head trainer over at the WWE Performance Center.

“I have got it figured out, IF you write it is must be the truth! And IF you can add or comment it must make it more truthful,” DeMott wrote in a tweet.

Responding to Tom Prichard’s rant on Twitter, DeMott said that he never had an issue with him and even now he doesn’t but then again everyone has an opinion.

Vince Russo then tweeted to DeMott, thanking him for working hard for him. “Will always be your biggest fan. Head up, bro. Much to be proud of,” Russo wrote, with DeMott replying by thanking him.

When a fan asked him if he’s denying having a naked Luke Gallows with a donut in his ass giving a stink face to Zack Ryder, DeMott said that, “that decision was made by 30 talent trying to NOT train on a Friday back in 2006.” And when the same Twitter user asked him if he made the racist and homophobic remarks, DeMott said, “I am neither racist or homophobic,” dancing around a simple yes or no question.