Alberto El Patron reveals why he was suspended from WWE


In an interview with Más Lucha held after the press conference at Hooters in Mexico City, the man formerly known as Alberto Del Rio revealed the reason why he was suspended for 30 days from WWE.

Now going again by the name of Alberto El Patron, he said that he got his first Wellness Program violation for using a testosterone replacement although he says he had proper prescription from his doctor. He said the suspension was not fair as he had medical needs for the testosterone replacement and it’s a big difference than using it for performance enhancement.

The former WWE champion explained that signing a WWE deal means you have to abide by their rules and the Wellness Program is one of those rules and you’re subject to it so there’s not much complaining in that regard.

He admitted that the suspension did play a small part in him leaving the WWE and while he already had plans to move on, it helped solidify the decision to quit the company.