Alberto El Patron and Paige getting married this Wednesday


Alberto El Patron announced in an Instagram post that he and Paige are getting married this coming Wednesday.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you try to break us… is not gonna happen… we were harassed by a company we still are… cause you don’t fool me MF’s I know it was you trying to destroy us… destroy my baby… she’s better stronger than all of you pieces of shit,” he wrote, along with a photo of him, Paige, and a statue of Disney’s character Elsa from Frozen in the middle.

“We are getting married Wednesday … Have a nice and go and F… yourself haters,” he concluded. The message included some typos which were corrected in the quotes published here.

When news broke out that Paige and the former WWE champion were dating, WWE put them on different brands to try and split them up. Paige’s parents also voiced their concern about their daughter dating El Patron however this did not stop Paige from continuing her relationship.

Alberto El Patron canceled all his appearances during WrestleMania weekend to be with Paige, who will not be in Orlando with the rest of the WWE family.