Alberto El Patron and brother arrested in Austria following fight


Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is carrying a story that originally appeared in the Austrian tabloid website about Alberto El Patron and his brother Guillermo getting arrested over the weekend after a show on Friday night in the country.

The two brothers got into a fight with a local guy who ended up hospitalized due to the injuries he suffered. Police were called in and transported the two to a police station. After arriving at the police station, the two then started fighting each other, resulting in Alberto knocking out his brother cold. The 30-year-old Guillermo was then also taken to the hospital.

The report says that 10 police officers had to separate the two and eventually put Alberto El Patron in zip ties, zip ties that he eventually got out of easily. The only way to slow the former WWE champion down was to cuff his feet with shackles. Police officers originally tried to cuff El Patron but his hands were too large for the cuffs, which is why they used the zip ties.

Due to the fight between the two brothers, there was damage to the property at the police precinct as well as some blood spatter. Charges were filed against the two for assault and property damage but were released on bond and allowed to leave the country. The charges were forwarded to authorities in both men’s place of residence.

Alberto’s brother Guillermo wrestles as El Hijo de Dos Caras for the International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG) promotion in Mexico.