Alberto Del Rio unable to wrestle in the United States for a year


Alberto Del Rio’s firing from WWE has ended up being a very costly mistake as the former WWE champion confirmed that he cannot wrestle in the United States for a year.

Del Rio’s release is different from the usual “future endeavored” release, as those carry just a 90-day no-compete clause but Del Rio was found to be in breach of his WWE contract which apparently carries a 12 month ban in the United States.

Also since he got fired and not released, Del Rio will not get any severance pay although he will continue to receive royalty checks.

Del Rio will be at the Triplemania XXII pay-per-view in Mexico tonight and will be appearing during the show however will not be wrestling.

Del Rio received his pink slip after he slapped a WWE employee in the face backstage during the Smackdown tapings a few weeks ago.