Alberto Del Rio shows up at Dreamer’s House of Hardcore event


Alberto Del Rio showed up at the House of Hardcore event in Philadelphia yesterday along with his former ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez.

Del Rio’s surprise appearance came when Brian Myers, better known to everyone as Curt Hawkins, issued an open challenge. Rodriguez came out to a large ovation from the crowd and “Si, Si, Si” chants.

Rodriguez went in the ring and said he’s not alone, and introduced Alberto Del Rio to a big pop and a hero’s welcome.

Del Rio hugged Rodriguez as the two smiled, looking genuinely happy to be there as fans chanted “Del Rio, Del Rio.”

Del Rio said two months ago he thought he would not be able to wrestle in the United States “for one f**king year!,” referring to his release and legal battle with WWE. Del Rio then started an ECW chant as they were at the old ECW Arena.

The rabid crowd started a “F*ck you Vince” chant as the two laughed in the ring. Del Rio said that both love this business and it was great to be there and thanked his “amigo” Tommy Dreamer for the invitation.

After the show, the two went on Twitter to express their feelings about the show.

“What an honor to have been a part of #HOH at the legendary ECW Arena! Just wow :)” wrote Del Rio. “The ECW Arena was on fire!!! Both myself and Alberto got goosebumps going out there. It’s that feeling we got in the biz for,” added Rodriguez.

Del Rio looked pretty amazing and was fired up to say the least. You can see the whole segment below.