AJ Styles’ agent dismisses TNA’s claim of new signed deal


The saga of Bullet Club members AJ Styles, Doc Gallows, and Karl Anderson took an interesting turn yesterday after TNA claimed that the trio signed a TNA deal in December but then decided to back out of the deal.

The Live Audio Wrestling show on The Fight Network spoke to Bill Behrens, who is in charge for all the deals involving AJ Styles, and Behrens refuted TNA’s reports, saying that no contract was “ever signed or finalized by any of the parties.”

The question now is if the deal that TNA is saying that all of them signed was in fact legally binding or not. Styles apparently can not sign any deals without his agent’s signature, and that is Bill Behrens. Behrens was not present when the deal that TNA is talking about took place.

It will be interesting to see if TNA will take legal action and even try to prevent the trio from making their WWE debut although if the rumors are true TNA is running out of time as Styles is expected to debut either tomorrow or Monday on Raw.