A drunk Scott Hall gets in trouble at Atlanta airport


TMZ.COM is reporting that WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall was ejected from the TGI Friday’s restaurant at Atlanta airport this weekend after he called the bartender a bitch.

TMZ adds that Hall, who is a recovering alcoholic and supposedly clean, had been drinking Coors Light and tequila shots according to eye witness reports. The bartender’s father was also at the bar and Hall ended up in a war of words with him when he didn’t believe that the guy was really her father. Cops were called in and they recognized the former WWE and WCW star and calmed him down.

Despite the problems at the restaurant, there were no charges filed with the police and Hall was eventually escorted out after refusing to hand over his beer bottle.

Someone in the restaurant happen to catch some of the “action” on video and TMZ has the footage which you can see below.