17-year-old who killed Jim Ross’ wife Jan let off the hook


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross tweeted yesterday that the 17-year-old who killed his wife last year was let off the hook.

“This morning, Norman Judge Steven Stice felt compelled to dismiss vehicular homicide charge against the 17-year-old in my wife Jan’s death. The state objected to no avail,” Ross tweeted, adding that the driver never even lost his license.

The judge sentenced him to community service and counseling and remarked that it’s all the legal system would allow in this case.

“Sad world in which we live, folks,” added JR, clearly disappointed in the outcome.

Jan Ross passed away on March 22, 2017 after succumbing to injuries she suffered after her Vespa was hit from behind by a car. The impact resulted in a catastrophic brain injury and multiple skull fractures. Jan was not wearing a helmet and was just seconds away from her home.