Your live casino game FAQs answered

Since the move online, casino games have continued to flourish. There are more options and a greater variety of themes out there than ever before thanks to digital innovations.

An increasingly popular online choice are live casino games, which use video streaming to bring in a live host. This fuses the accessibility of online games with an element you’d normally only find in a land-based casino.

So, whether you’re looking at live Blackjack or Crazy Time Live, let’s run through some of the most common questions players have when it comes to live casino games.

What makes live casino games different?

When it comes to online play, the thing that sets live games apart from others is the presence of a live host or dealer. A lot of the games you’ll find online are fully digital, with the gameplay all run and controlled by the computer software. Not so with live casino games.

Rather than relying on a program, a live game is run by a host. While some live games do still incorporate digital elements, such as Slots spins, many will feature physical setups.

From a Roulette wheel that the host will manually spin to a pack of cards being dealt out on the physical table, these games will generally run very similarly to the way they would in a land-based casino.

Do the rules change between digital and live games?

The rules and elements in play for any given game will vary depending on what version you’re playing. There are plenty of varieties of classic games such as Blackjack and Roulette on offer online.

But a live game will generally follow the same rules as a digital game. If you choose to play a European Roulette game the layout and rules will stay the same whether you’re playing with a live host or just a computer.

The main change between a fully digital game and a live one is the presence of the dealer or host being streamed to your screen.

What’s the etiquette for live casino games?

Table games in land-based casinos are known for each having their own etiquette. How the player handles their chips, interacts with the dealer and makes their calls varies depending on whether you’re playing Roulette or Baccarat.

Luckily, things are a bit simpler when it comes to live casino games online. A lot of the more complicated rules aren’t present here, with the digital interface doing most of the interaction for you.

That said, when it comes to live games it’s still good practice to make sure that you act in a respectful manner and make any calls or decisions in a timely manner.

Is the game still anonymous?

Even though there are plenty of cameras on the host and each of the game elements, there aren’t any pointed at the players. While you get to have a full overview of the table all that anyone else can see will be your username, thanks to the game’s blend of live with digital.

And there you have it. Ultimately, live casino games aren’t so very different from other online offerings at their core. But, if you’re looking for a greater degree of interactivity and miss the sight of physical game elements, live games are a great option.

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