WWE Superstars we’d love to gamble with

We have all spent hours back in the day watching our favorite WWE superstars fight each other and put on a show. However, have you ever asked yourself how it would feel and be if you’d share a table at the casino with one of them? Well, if you haven’t asked yourself that, we have and we have some fun fictional situations to share with you! It would be great to see how they would react if they lost all their money or won everything.

The Undertaker

We all remember the Undertaker and how scary he used to be when we were just kids watching his fights. Plus, his poker face is immaculate! His career lasts for over 2 decades and he essentially never broke character and we believe he would behave the same while playing poker with you. He is the owner of the most legendary streak of professional wrestling and it might be even scary to play a hand against this guy. Would you be able to read through his poker face? Probably not. Would it be scary to make him lose his money? Absolutely! But there is a chance that he would play dead serious and terrify everyone present at the table with two pairs, aces and eights, the real “dead man’s hand”.

John Cena

Everyone loves John Cena! He is charismatic, loveable, and essentially a great and cheerful guy! In the ring, he was always dead serious and his explosive temper would emerge as soon as someone would challenge him. So, there is quite a chance that that temper would show in any table game if he would lose. However, we have more of a feeling that he would enjoy playing online table games on Playojo – for more info on Playojo casino check out this site, because of the entire “You can’t see me” schtick. Even though loveable and fun, he loves being hidden and we assume that character would stay even when gambling.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan used to be the icon in the wrestling world, and he still leaves a great impression on people. Not to mention how it would be absolutely wild to meet him in a casino. He is known for his great charisma and vicious temper when it comes to losing, so it might get wild if he lost all of his money in a game. You can only imagine how funny and scary it would be to see Hulk smash the table of a poker game because he lost.

The Rock

The Rock is another great icon of WWE and a former champion and fighter that you would probably love to see at the table in a casino. This is because he is an amazing guy and he is not easy to provoke. Every gambler knows that it is great to provoke your opponent in order to get their money, but it would be interesting to try and probe the nerves of Dwayne Johnson.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton is another living legend from the WWE world and we would love to see him at a casino. Especially if it’s a big-money game, since Randy is not one of those people who will settle for anything small. However, if he would lose, he would probably start a chair fight that none of us would love to be part of.

Besides watching wrestling and betting some money on great legends, we bet that you would love to play some table games against them. So, to save you some time we have imagined the most fierce and popular icons from this world and how they would behave in a casino. Don’t be shy to tell us if we were right about some of these.

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