WWE relents and turns Rollins heel

Looking at the situation surrounding Seth Rollins in the last few months, WWE is finally springing into action and turning him heel. “Finally” is the appropriate word too, considering Rollins’ fall from grace in the public this year.

At WWE Raw and Survivor Series, fans showed their disdain for Rollins, and it was loud and clear. Some may argue that the WWE has played a long game and timed Rollins’ heel turn perfectly, setting it up now that fan hatred is at an all-time high.

However, it’s just as easy to argue that the heel turn is long overdue, and WWE dropped the ball. Either way, whether you’re waiting for the next WWE RAW playing NetBet blackjack, watching YouTube, or counting the days, it seems Rollins will be pushing a heel character at that event.

Truth is, Rollins has been the biggest heel in the company for some time, despite hilariously actually being the WWE’s babyface. Sure, good guys in wrestling divide opinion and many fans hate a babyface, just ask John Cena and Roman Reigns. But while those two superstars embraced their persona, Rollins has stirred controversy away from the Squared Circle.

Following a summer of mishaps, The Architect is probably the most hated wrestler in the WWE and possibly in the sport. Over months, the booking and writing around Rollins did not reflect that hatred as the company pressed on with its babyface push for the superstar.

Of course, Rollins knows he is a villain in the eyes of fans, but his fall has nonetheless been interesting. In case you don’t know what has pushed him into becoming persona non grata amongst fans, here’s Rollin’s rap sheet:

  • Irked fans and fellow pros by claiming WWE had the best wrestling on the planet
  • New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Will Ospreay responded and argued with Rollins
  • Rollins antagonized Ospreay and later ended up apologizing
  • He later attacked fans over his relationship with Becky Lynch, saying they were jealous of him because they had a crush on Lynch
  • Criticized Brock Lesnar saying he is not a role model to kids

Some of those are worse than others. Certainly, Rollins as the babyface of the WWE would naturally stick up for the company and call it the best. He would also likely mock Lesnar considering both are kayfabe rivals in the company.

Speaking of kayfabe, it is worth noting Rollins has previously said he stays in character in all public settings. Even if he was playing the arrogant bad guy, he took it a step too far by mocking fans over his relationship with Lynch.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect is how quickly it has fallen apart for Rollins as the babyface. Just a year ago, fans were all over him and desperately wanted The Architect to take the Universal Championship from Lesnar. So much so, a petition was started to make that happen. Rollins was also a rare thing in the WWE, a babyface who was actively loved by fans.

Those days are long gone, which makes this ongoing heel turn make plenty of sense.

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