WWE online gambling explained

Fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) know that the fights are scripted and the winners are usually predetermined. However, only a few people know the outcomes of the game before-hand. This then allows for betting on the outcomes of the games. The sportsbooks also do not know the outcome and they try to look for clues just as much as anyone else. This makes betting on the fights exciting as they could go either way.

Sportsbooks set a limit on how much money a player can bet so as to protect themselves. There is however no lower limit and some sites allow players to bet as low as $5 or even lower. There is a no deposit bonus casino list of casinos that allow players a free test run. This feature allows players to test games and play without needing a deposit. No deposit bonuses often have wagering requiring which are the minimum amount that is required in order to qualify for a withdrawal of winnings.

Why people like WWE betting:

  1. there is value in betting on WWE games: since the sportsbooks do not have information on who the predetermined winners are beforehand, they protect themselves by setting the amounts people can bet on. This is to protect them from leaked information and bad lines. By limiting the amount people can bet, they are in essence admitting that they may set bad lines. If a player can find and take advantage of the bad lines then they can make some money gambling.
  2. WWE betting is fun: all betting should be done for fun and betting on WWE shouldn’t be different. For people who enjoy watching the games, staking money on your favourites adds to the fun.
  3. Risk limit on WWE betting: since sportsbooks limit the amount a player can bet, there is only so much they may lose in a single bet. You never have to get worried about getting too carried away.

Types of WWE betting

Not all online betting sites offer WWE betting, those that do make betting straightforward unlike in mainstream games like football. This could be because the outcome of the games is predetermined and because the main goal is entertainment.

The most common bet is usually the standard bet where you have to bet on the winner of a match, tournament or the entire season. All you do is pick who you think is going to win and then wait for the outcome.

Other sites offer prop(proposition) bets. This is a bet on the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event that does not affect the outcome of the game. Such bets as who will spend the most time in the ring, who will appear first or even whether a certain person will appear. The props are different based on the wrestler or event involved. During multi-person fights like the Royal Rumble, there is the pro bet on which player eliminates the most players. They do not have to be the winners of the match, just have the most eliminations. There is also the option to bet on how the match will be won.

How to choose a WWE betting site

In choosing a site to place your bets, you should consider:

  1. The Credibility of the site: look for sites with positive reviews from customers and experts.
  2. Safety and security: make sure to choose sites that provide security to your information and money.
  3. Ease of making deposits and withdrawals: choose a site that offers a wide range of payment and banking options.
  4. Availability of bonuses and promotions: look out for sites that offer sign up bonuses and subsequent promotions. The purpose of betting is to make money while you enjoy the game. You should therefore take advantages of all the offers.
  5. Ease of use and compatibility: choose a site that is compatible with mobile and your specific Operating System for convenience. As a first-time user, it is also important to get a site that offers tutorials.

Why WWE betting is not as popular

There isn’t as much interest in WWE betting as there is in mainstream sports like football, the NFL or the NBA.  This is mostly because the matches are predetermined with the winner known beforehand unlike the other sports. The outcome of the matches is available to only a handful of people. The fighters are only made aware of the expected outcome a few hours before the match. This is to reduce the chances of a leak.

Sportsbooks have as much information as the average viewer and this is why they accept wagers on the outcomes of matches. There is always the risk of information leaking before the game and the Sportsbooks try to get around this by: setting proper lines for big money games. Much like the viewers, the sportsbooks spend time trying to predict the matches so that they can set the lines well because they stand to win or lose if the lines are off. Most importantly, they set a limit on the amount of money a person may bet on a single event to avoid being taken for too much on a bad day. The more popular events have more bets and also the highest limits.


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