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WWE 2K20: tips and tricks for dominating the ring


Passionate gamers that love wrestling and the excitement that comes with it are so addicted to this game. 20 years ago, the first WWE game was released. Since then, it is so popular among gamers that are looking for an amusing experience. This is the type of game that any gamer can easily pick up. The game brings an exciting experience while being a balance of amusing sports simulation and an arcade game. And it is one of the best wrestling games ever.

However, the game has changed so much during the years. Once it used to be more of an arcade game. But now, it is known as the ultimate wrestling simulator to many.

Players can play with the usual default settings. For a more tailored and advanced experience, they can simply go through the settings. This will allow players to have a realistic experience while gaming. Here are the top tips and tricks that you should know to take your gaming experience to a whole new level!

Tailor the settings according to your wishes

Experienced players want to adjust the settings so that they can get the real experience. WWE 2K20 is not like the usual arcade games at sites like www.comeon.com for example. When you take a peek in the settings, you know that you can make it more of a wrestling simulator.

Go straight to the Menu and pick the Options. Then, click the Gameplay. First, set the Weight Detection to Simulation. For the most realistic experience, set the injury and blood on. Also, you can turn on the automatic live updates.

New button setting

The new version of the game has a new controller layout. If you were used to the old controller, then take some time to review the options for the new ones. Since it isn’t possible to switch back to the old one, you should get used to it. You can check it by opening Options and then Controls. Here, you can have a complete overview of the basic and advanced options. You will find out that there are some really cool advanced moves that you can do by pressing up to three buttons at a time.

Referee down

If you play as a heel in the game, the most annoying thing is not having enough time to break the rules. The usual practice is for the referee to stay down long enough for the opponent to secure a cheap victory. To make it easier, you can go to the balancing menu adjust the referee’s slider to 100.

Strength of special moves

The special moves will help you gain advance in the game. But, you need to know how to control the strength so that you can get the results that you want. In the Balancing menu, you have the option to adjust the sliders according to your wishes. Experienced gamers would recommend you to set it from 80 to 100 to achieve the best results.

Strength of foreign objects

Using foreign objects is familiar to many players. You have probably also seen this strategic move on TV. Keep in mind that the default settings don’t do much damage. If you want to boost the game, then you should increase the strength. You can do this by increasing the maximum realism anywhere from 90 to 100. You can find this setting in the Balance menu.

Change stamina rate

The 2K game had a very interesting feature that adds a dose of strategy to the game. The draining stamina bar is an amazing feature, so it makes you preserve the big moves for when they are needed. The recommended stamina rate is around 65.

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