Wrestling with the facts: the truth about WWE betting

It does seem like something of a paradox when sports betting and the WWE are mentioned together but stranger things have happened. Don’t worry, we have done our research and we do know that the WWE is scripted, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make some coin on it. You just need to crack the code.

Since its beginnings in the fifties, wrestling as an entertainment spectacle has garnered plenty of fans. Many may still believe that there is no script but we aren’t here to judge. We are here to break down the sport into what it can do for you as a betting enthusiast: make you some money whilst enjoying the show.

Can you Really Bet on Something That’s Scripted?

You betcha! The reality is that the gambling powerhouses of the world are happy for you to bet on anything, as long as the odds are with them. They just need to ensure it’s profitable as they’re running a business. When it comes to WWE, bookies take bets on the result because essentially, it’s as much up in the air as any other game of chance. That’s because the people who control the strings in WWE are the writers and for them to make a success of what they do, their stories are kept closely guarded at all times.

It’s the same basis as any entertainment. No one wants to know the ending as the surprise is the key to our curiosity. Take that away and you take our need to know away with it, in this case our need to know the outcome of the fight. With the surprise spoilt, the income of the writer goes with it.

What Are We Betting on?

Essentially, like all sports betting, you are betting on the result. The fact that the result is predetermined means little to the bookies as the winner is kept a secret at all costs. The writers don’t want you to know who the winner will be as that will stop you watching. And that’s where it gets interesting because you are not placing a bet on the fight’s result but on the direction of the writer’s story.

And like any good soap opera, the story lines of the WWE are anything but boring. The writers are there to keep things exciting and the writers are good! It’s these exotic story ideas that can have the WWE fetching some pretty tasty odds.

How Can We Make Coin?

I’m glad you asked. The writers are there to keep things interesting and being good at their jobs, they know how to do just that. If the champion was to win every time, that would get boring. If the hero never falls, that will get boring. The key to winning is to get inside the writer’s head and work out which series of events is most likely to garner more interest and therefore more ratings. That’s what the writers will do.

Fight your natural instincts and forget about the skills and history of the actual athlete. You’re not betting on them, you’re betting on the writer. And like all good stories, you need a beginning, middle and end. Building up an athlete’s reputation at the beginning of the season lends to his interest from the fans. Add in some heroics to set the scene for an almighty finale then boom, here comes the twist. You know that upset is coming, you just need to work out from which corner it will come.

Common Bets in the WWE

So now you know the ways of the samurai, let your instincts guide you. Anything from first out of the ring, longest contender and appearance bets are all becoming more common for bookies. Obviously, the winner of the fight is always available but better odds will be displayed for the more adventurous.

As far as betting goes, WWE may not be that quick fire, money spinner that we all dream of but it sure goes a long way to entertaining us. And nothing is more exciting than a small wager to spice things up.



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