Wrestling betting: how to pick a winner in a match

Wrestling is different from other sports. Unlike them, wrestling is not a real competition. It is like a TV series. So everything that happens in the ring is predetermined by scriptwriters. However, you can bet on wrestling matches.

But how do you bet on events which are already predetermined? And how do you profit from that? Soon, you’ll find out!

Consider the Plot

As was stated, wrestling fights follow a certain plot written by scriptwriters. What does that mean? Wrestling shows follow the same pattern as TV series. And it uses the same tricks to keep viewers engaged.

That means that you can try to predict the match’s outcome based on that. For example, there is a fighter that has just entered the game. And before he was unleashed, scriptwriters built intense suspense around him. That can mean only two things: whether he will smash plenty of opponents in a row or he will be spontaneously defeated. The second option will be very unlikely. And if it does, then only to help another significant fighter to pop.

But know that to make such predictions, you must track the wrestling world. Even a single show miss can result in your losing bet. But luckily, we can use YouTube to watch the replays. And if you don’t have that much time, you can watch show recaps.

Still, we understand that predicting the match outcome that way is not for everybody. Here is an alternative way to do it.

Check Out Bookmakers

Why would you analyze previous wrestling shows if bookies have done it already? And that is what they have to do to create their odds. So you can use them as a solid representation of the match’s probable outcome.

But it is important to choose a proper bookie for that. GGBet has an entire analytic team that does research before wrestling matches. Thanks to that, their odds are closest to a realistic outcome. And you will also get the fairest payout when you wager at GGBet.

Another trick regarding bookies would be checking out the odds of many ones. That way, you can see what other platforms think about the match. And then, based on that knowledge, you can make your prediction. But when you bet, make sure to choose a bookie with the most profitable odds.

Be Ready for Unexpectancies

Remember that the wrestling plot is written to be shocking. So it doesn’t often follow the patterns we’ve discussed. That means that you must be especially careful when wagering on wrestling.

Keep your head cold. If you are about to make a big bet, make sure to double-check all the relevant information twice. And if you see many bad signs, you better reduce your stake amount.

However, such a spontaneous fashion is not always stealing money from you. It can also pay you out. For example, betting on losers is usually more profitable in wrestling than in other sports. As scriptwriters tend to make little comebacks for them.

Wrestling Betting Strategy

Once you’ve taught yourself how to predict wrestling matches using one of our methods, you can start applying strategies. These are calculated approaches helping you to get more out of your bets.

The first step for building strategy is defining your betting schedule. It may vary based on the current wrestling events. But 99% of the season, they are very consistent.

Another crucial thing is to determine your budget. It will be the pivoting point for your betting. You can create a budget for different periods: month, week, or year. It depends on how you like it more.

Then, you need to build an algorithm defining the scale of your subsequent bets. For instance, if your previous bet was victorious, you allow yourself to make the next bet bigger than usual. And so on. However, create such algorithms mindfully. If not, they might make you run out of funds quickly.

Track Your Progress

To keep getting better at wrestling bets, you must see where you started. That’s when the progress tracking comes in.

To do it, you can use something like a banal notepad. Or a word on your PC. However, good bookmakers like GGBet have integrated analytical tools. And the one allowing you to check your previous bets is one of them. It can be very handy for tracking your progress.

Don’t just mindlessly check your results. Try to see what you did differently when you’ve won. And try to apply these rules to your future wrestling bets.

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