Wrestling and gambling, the uncanny matrimony


Today, you can bet on absolutely anything, from sports to entertainment and fictional games. WWE wrestling falls in the grey area between sports and entertainment. By now, you know that those matches and winnings are staged.

Nonetheless, if you are a die-hard fan of WWE wrestling, you may have reason to get even more excited with its betting opportunities.

WWE the basics

World Wrestling Entertainment is the leading wrestling promotion company that has been in existence since the 50s.  The promotion holds more than 200 events across the world every year and gathers over 5 million viewers per week on TV.

All the WWE events are scripted, and winners are pre-determined long before the matches.

How possible is it then to bet on the WWE wrestling matches if they are not real and if the outcome is decided before the event? Reportedly, only a select few people know about these outcomes beforehand.

The WWE matches remain unpredictable

The unpredictability of these matches is another reassuring thing to bettors.  Even though the events are choreographed, they still get to be exciting as random unscheduled fighters show up.

What if the match outcome information leaks? Wouldn’t that mean a bad gaming experience for many others? You may see odds like 1.11 from sports bookies.  For that reason, most bookmakers that offer wrestling games set a max limit often of less than $100 to minimize losses.

Why do fans bet on WWE?

WWE wrestling betting just like with all sports gaming has some pros. For starters, bookmakers are just as in the dark as you. When you see them setting max limits to minimize losses, that’s an assurance that gamers need to wager confidently. It is a promise of value.

The risk involved in WWE betting is reduced when gaming operators set a betting limit. That means diminished losses for both the players and operators. If you often get carried away easily with gambling, these limits could help you gamble responsibly via KuCasino.

There might be some degree of entertainment value in betting on wrestling matches. If wrestling matches often have you at the edge of your seat, that thrill doubles when your money is on the line.

For those that have never paid attention to the game, the solution to developing interest in wrestling is to put your money in it, you know, so you can have something to say when your buddies can’t stop chirping about Brock Lesnar.

WWE Betting Sites

Not every other bookmaker offers WWE odds. There are still strict regulations in America over what can be wagered on and not. Nonetheless, numerous offshore sites, including European sportsbooks, have been offering WWE odds for a while now.

Most gaming operators allow players to wager on multiple wrestlers and different outcomes. You can bet on 50 or more different wrestlers to win the match, or choose wagering options on who will stay the longest in the ring for Sunday’s Royal Rumble or even odds of someone making the final 4.

One constant risk is that it is hard to prove the trustworthiness of the sites that claim to offer this kind of betting.  The best WWE betting sites offer season-long games as well as the ability for players to wager on weekly competitions.

For those keen on betting on a bit of a punch-up match minus the risk of bias, boxing is one of the acceptable Indiana Online Sports Betting events.  There are no pre-determined outcomes in boxing games.

The science of betting on biased outcomes

Wrestlers often win matches by pinning an opponent and waiting for the bell after the referee counts to three. The pinned opponent has to be extremely fatigued or injured to accept the ‘defeat.’

However, these matches are not all that straightforward and structured. There are unplanned moves, injuries, and even unscheduled wrestlers showing up and winning games they weren’t part of.

Just like with every sport betting gamers have to numbers to crunch and conduct intensive research to win wrestling bets. However, given that the WWE wrestling events are based on written scripts, you wouldn’t base your bet on a wrestler’s strength or physique.

There are specific writing patterns, though, that you can find in these games, and once you master the formula, you may never want to wager on anything else again.

Currently, scientific studies show that even in biased activities, humans often follow random patterns. That means then that also if the WWE writers are going to determine the outcome, there is still a way for you to predict what they will settle on.

The foundation for any successful betting is analysis and prediction. The same applies when betting on wrestling events, except in this case, you are not betting on the match. You are predicting the writers’ move.  You have loads of previous data to go by on your predictions.

Many players are still skeptical about betting on wrestling. For those that embrace it, it is more about the fun and entertainment than it is about getting rich.