Wrestling: a guide for beginners

Wrestling is a sport that pertains primarily to combat. This involves various types of grappling techniques including pins, joint locks, takedowns, throws, and clinch fighting. Other variants like Sombo, Judo, Greco-Roman, Freestyles and Folkstyle are considered theatrical and are purely for entertainment.

Generally, wrestling is all about physical competition. Unlike group sports, this only involves two participants serving as competitors or sparring partners. A continuous event, matches are held when a challenger attempts to snatch a level to gain a superior position; the titleholder must then compete to maintain his position.

There’s a huge range of styles and scores used in wrestling. As such, below are snippets to guide those who are planning on committing in such sport.

The fundamentals

The success in wrestling is a result that comes directly from the expertise of the participants in the sport’s fundamentals. Once, the players can master such aspects, they will then be able to build on them and expand their wrestling repertoire. In particular, most fundamentals used are stance, level changes, neutral position, takedown, escape, reversal, breakdown, and finish.

  • Stance:The position and posture of the body.
  • Level changes:The alteration of the body’s level to execute or set-up a counter or an attack move.
  • Neutral position:The starting position where the opponents stand to face each other.
  • Takedown:A move where the opponent was taken down yet gains control from the starting position.
  • Escape:A move used to move away from the opponent.
  • Reversal:A move where the participant goes from a defense position to a control position.
  • Breakdown: A move to try and get the opponent to loosen his balance.
  • Finish:An act to pin the opponent down.

The score

The main objective of any wrestling match is to beat down the opponent. Specifically, the match will end once a player was able to pin his opponent. However, just like in boxing, the scores differ depending on the execution of the moves in the match.

To be specific, a pin will be an automatic victory, a takedown will take 2 points, an escape is 1 point, a reversal is 2 points, a near fall is 2 points, an illegal hold is a -1 point, unsportsmanlike conduct is -1 point, an unnecessary roughness is -1 point, and a stalling is -1 point after receiving a warning.

However, such scores do not apply to game sites like IDN Poker because only the pin or the win will matter.

The mentality

To win any wrestling event, the physicality and mentality should work hand in hand. Since the journey is no easy path, people must find their inspiration, continue a positive attitude, have strength in fundamentals, develop a style, develop a desire in competition, and have mental toughness. Although these seem a lot, people will be able to succeed once they have fully committed and continue achieving.

This same mentality can also be applied when betting in sites like IDN Poker. Since participants will be handling a huge amount of stress and pressure, it is better to stay in balance and keep having sanity in check.


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