Wrestlers with college degrees

There is a belief in society that sportspeople lack intelligence, and the only thing they care about is their appearance and muscle quality. However, it is not always the case. Many athletes can boast of a college degree and academic merits, so one can hardly argue their mental abilities. Impressive muscles and attractive bodies rather help them stand out from the crowd and draw attention than make them somehow dumber. Thus, when people come across the info about professional wrestlers’ academic achievements, they are greatly surprised. Well, some things have a deeper background than it may seem at first glance. And while many current students use the Superbgrade service to get their papers done on time, athletes who studied in the pre-internet era did everything themselves. Thus, one can say that their brains are as well-honed as their muscles, so don’t let baby oil and bodies of Greek gods fool you. Here are some famous wrestlers who have managed to find work-life balance and get various degrees.

1. Matt Sydal

Sometimes, a person is passionate about one thing, but relatives and a pragmatic mind suggest choosing some other options. Thus, Matthew Koklan wasn’t sure whether he could make a living as a wrestler, so he went to Missouri University and started studying marketing. However, he couldn’t give up his passion that easily, so he took classes three days a week and spent the rest time competing in wrestling matches. His college degree has come in handy and helped climb a career leader in marketing. Thus, he became a vice-chairman of marketing and sales at a mailbox company. Nonetheless, he didn’t reject his wrestling career as well. You can watch him in All-Elite Wrestling.

2. John Cena

Twenty-three years ago, the present WWE Champion gained a degree in Exercise Physiology in Springfield College in Massachusetts. The sportsman claimed that education had come in handy many times. It has taught him to balance physical and mental activity since, even after hard training, he had to work on the assignments to keep up with the curriculum. He had to combine two different roles and do his best to be good in both cases. And looking at his impressive life path that has stood out with movie roles and WWE champion title that he won eleven times, one can believe in his outstanding physical and mental abilities.

3. Eve Torres

This incredible woman manages to combine different roles since she has managed to become a WWE Divas champion and a self-defense coach and tried her luck at acting, modeling, and dancing. Nonetheless, don’t get fooled by her charming face since she managed to get a full scholarship to the University of Southern California. How cool is that? Furthermore, she earned a degree in Systems Engineering and stood out with her academic merits. She treated it as a backup plan she can always get back to if necessary. Well, beautiful ladies can sometimes surprise with their brains and non-standard decisions.

4. Jack Swagger

When he made his first steps in wrestling, he studied at the University of Oklahoma to gain a degree in Finance. He was ready to give up his studies for the sake of a wrestling career, but the WWE’s Head of Talent Relations advised him to obtain a degree first and decide on his further career. The day he was going to sign up a contract with a finance company, he got an offer from WWE, and he couldn’t but choose the latter. However, anyway, he can try his hand at financing when his wrestling career is over. You never know when your degree may come in handy, so if you struggle to combine a part-time job with studying, it is worth turning to the paper writing service to free up your schedule than drop out of school at all.

5. Chris Jericho

What did you do in life to kill some time? The chances are high that it would be something about scrolling down Instagram feed or watching a movie. However, when Chris graduated from high school at age 17, he decided to go to college since he had to wait a year to wrestle. He opted for journalism, and it turned out to be one of the best life decisions. In the interviews, he told many times that his education helped him in his wrestling career as well since he gained valuable hard and soft skills.

6. Glenn Jacobs

You might know him better as WWE superstar Kane. He managed to graduate from Truman State University and obtained a degree in English Literature. Even though he has devoted his life to various sports, he often claimed that his degree made a difference in his career development. Glenn has built an incredible career in wrestling, becoming International Champion two times and won other championships more than ten times.

7. Dwayne Johnson

Well, most people know him both by his true name and the nickname “The Rock.” He is a wrestling icon and popular TV star, but the list of his achievements would not be full without his academic merits. Thus, he has managed to obtain a degree in Criminology and Physiology at the Miami University. His whole family has left a mark on wrestling history, so his career choice wasn’t a big surprise. Even though he isn’t going to practice this major, the degree came in handy at least once in a lifetime.

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