Wrestlers who love to gamble

Wrestling is an inherently dangerous sport, as one would expect from an activity where two people, sometimes many more, are attempting to beat the living daylights out of each other, using any means necessary. Even in the world of WWE, which is scripted and therefore falls under the category of sports entertainment, there is an element of risk attached to some of the moves that these wrestlers pull off. It takes years of training, as well as lots of time in the gym, to be able to perfect those awesome-looking moves, and player safety is a huge issue in the WWE.

Even when everyone knows what is going to happen next, things can potentially go wrong, and that is where the risk lies. Before moving on, we would urge our readers to pay heed to the messages sent out by the WWE, and not attempt their moves at home. If you do want to have some sort of thrill in your life, try out the free party poker bonus online and get involved in a few poker games, but from the safety of your couch.

Even within the WWE, there are some wrestlers who have always been ready to put their bodies and lives on the line for the sake of entertainment, and we talk about some of these extreme risk-takers here –

John Morrison

 He isn’t currently part of the WWE roster, but he made a name for himself as a daredevil, especially with his ‘Starship Pain’ finisher move, which was a bizarre corkscrew somersault move that very few wrestlers could even dream of pulling off safely. His agility and mobility allowed him to attempt and complete some truly spectacular moves, and one would hope that the WWE would bring him back at some point, as he was one of the most entertaining stars they had.

CM Punk

No matter what the list, if it is a WWE-related one, chances are that CM Punk will feature on it somehow. He has been one of the biggest risk-takers on the roster in the last few years, and even though he is now notorious for his work on the mic instead of in the ring, he started off his career with a lot of drama and entertainment for fans. His Money in The Bank victories showcased his ability for risk-taking, with one iconic moment when he was dumped off the top ladder by Christian at WrestleMania 25.

Jeff Hardy

 Jeff Hardy is undoubtedly the biggest high-flier (pun completely intended) in the history of the business. He arguably set the tone for newcomers with his iconic Spear on Edge from the top of a ladder, and that is just one of the many occasions where Jeff Hardy took the entertaining option over the safe one to provide the fans with their money’s worth, and more. He seems to have had a liking for ladders, as his Swanton Bomb on CM Punk off the top of a ladder in their TLC match shows, to go with the Spear on Edge we referred to earlier. He also holds the claim for probably the most outrageous stunt in WWE history, dropping nearly 40 feet off the top of the set onto Randy Orton, and he managed to keep that level of action up throughout his career, making him the undisputed king of gambling his body and life for the entertainment of the WWE fans.

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