Why Valorant is better than Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Valorant by Riot is one of the most widely played first-person shooter games. It is increasing in its popularity in the Esports arena as well. Valorant has always been compared to and has been competing with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Although both of them are certainly in the top 5 most popular online multiplayer games, here are a few reasons why Valorant is the better game:

Valorant is Much Easier to Play

There is no doubt that CS: GO is one of the most enjoyable and realistic tactical shooters there is. However, it can get quite serious and repetitive. On the other hand, Valorant is not only realistic but is willing to go down a bold route with its gameplay by introducing fascinating player abilities.

Valorant even feels like a casual and laid-back version of CS: GO, and although it can get very intense and immersive, it is not as overwhelming as CS: GO. There have been many games like CS: GO in the past, but no game has come close to recreating the experience that Valorant has. Not only is it free-to-play, but you can also easily play it on a low-end computer or laptop by lowering your graphics.

Fun Characters

While CS: GO has the usual two teams called terrorists and counter-terrorists, Valorant has four unique characters that you can play, i.e., you can play the Duelist, the Initiator, the Sentinel and the Controller. Every Valorant player has his favorite agent choice and sticks to it. Hence, there is a greater connection to the playable characters, unlike CS: GO, where mostly, all the characters belonging to a particular team tend to look alike.

Also, the agents tend to have their respective strengths and weaknesses, which levels the playing field. The gameplay is more satisfying, and if you happen to switch to another agent, you will notice the game feels much different. You can have a great time mastering all these agents, and this is what makes Valorant so interesting.

More Visually Appealing

Valorant is undoubtedly one of the most well-made and artistic games out there. There are several premium weapon skins and cosmetics that you can purchase. The game has a fun cartoony vibe, and you can feel the vibrancy of the maps while playing them.

It Receives More Updates than CS: GO

The developers of Valorant are always listening to the reviews and feedback of their players and really strive to bring forth continual refinement in the way the game is experienced. There are several new additions of maps, agents and weapons that gamers can look forward to. The developers also make sure that the players don’t experience the problem of low tick rate servers.

More Entertaining and Dynamic

The teams in Valorant can coordinate to combine and make the best of each other’s abilities in interesting ways. If you happen to watch a video of a Valorant tournament, you will be surprised that the game can even be played this way. This is not something you will see in the CS: GO matches.

The healers, the cyphers, the killjoys and various other characters bring unique diversity and colorfulness to the game. There is a lot more to master in Valorant than there is in CS: GO. You will have to learn how each agent works, along with learning the various spray patterns of guns.

You will also have to work on mastering the map and knowing all the important locations so that you can move faster and have the edge over others. Gun skill is necessary but not everything. The game requires immense strategy and team effort. You will have to practice regularly to get better.

Unique Maps

The maps in Valorant are not the usual and boring triplane maps you see. They are actually quite interactable and well designed. For instance, gamers love to use ziplines and unidirectional teleporters to make their way across the map. The popular maps are Icebox, Bind, Haven and Ascent. We don’t see this level of sophistication in CS: GO.

Cheating in Valorant is Not Easy

Valve has not done as much about the cheating issue in CS: GO. In fact, cheating got so worse that even many professional CS: GO gamers like Mixwell, ScreaM, Hiko and Tenz made the switch to Valorant and found it so much more enjoyable.

If you want to use a valorant hack to gain an advantage over other players, you will have to be careful as Riot is very serious and stern about cheating in Valorant. Many player accounts have been banned along with their hardware.

In Conclusion

If you become a professional player in Valorant, you have the chance of making lots of money by participating in competitions or live streaming your gameplay. This is all the more reason for you to get started.

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