Why is pro wrestling booming in the betting market?

Sports betting has recently seen a major expansion in the betting market over the past few years. With the betting bids now taking part in a legalized market, this has helped the pro wrestling scene as well and benefited them extremely. The WWE, for example, has been able to gross a pair of television deals worth a massive $2 billion.

But things have not always been quite so rosy between the pro wrestling scene and the betting market. Not long ago a few bookmakers started taking wagers on professional wrestling and created quite the buzz with sports bettors. Mike Tyson’s confrontation with Steve Austin or WWE’s  Ronda Rousey infused the addition of pro wrestling wagers and became a hot topic. Questions were laid upon the legitimacy of betting on something like the WWE which is quite scripted. However, there are some of the WWE industries that believe there is a potential in betting in the wrestling scene in spite of scripted finishes. The WWE grosses in tons of dollars between January and April each year as the famous Road to WrestleMania takes place during this time around.

Several online betting sites and bookers have been accepting bets on pro wrestlers and recently insiders have seen the betting trend on pro wrestling increase similarly to the betting world on MMA or Boxing. Several enthusiasts who have been studying this scene for years have reflected that people can make tons of money out of betting in this sport but you need to be smart and know the people and the industry.

The popularity of pro wrestling: An overview

With all that being said, let’s understand why the pro wrestling betting scene is garnering so much attention now. The WWE fan base is massive and there’s no doubt about it but it is scripted and there are very few people who know the outcome of every match and they guard all that information with their lives. For this reason, several online sportsbooks allow fans to bet on the outcomes of these major events. Mostly these online sites allow you to bet on a season-long winner or a winner of any particular match and these sites give some extra mullah to new players that give them more attention in return. But it gets furthermore interesting with the fact that now some of these people who already know the outcome of these scripted matches spill out the beans and thus as a result of the leakage there’s plenty of opportunities for more and more bettors to get a lot of money in the bank. However, there is a limit set for the patrons on the amount they can bet up to but think about it from the perspective of a recreational player. It’s surely quite a lot of money for them.

There is a definite strategy involved in betting on the WWE event and there’s quite a lot of brainstorming to do when you are betting on these events and this makes prospective bettors furthermore interested. For someone who has been studying these scripted matches could make tons of money betting on these events. All you have to do is study the writers who have been staging these matches. These writers have a certain preference pattern towards certain wrestlers and if you can determine who they would stage up to win an event or a matchup then you are almost through to getting some dollars in your bank account. All these writers want to do is create an exciting show, so all you have to do as a bettor is formulate a game plan according to their storyline.

The sportsbooks have just as much clue as to who is going to win an event just like we do and therefore, they set their booking lines in that manner. They do their best to go through insider newsletters or future booking plans when setting their lines. As we dive into this more and more, we see that the old days of pro wrestling, where the results were well protected like a dirty secret, has been replaced by sophisticated storylines and a new arrangement of the WWE network and the die-hard confused fans are willing to bet their cash on decided outcomes that are being influenced by insiders money.

Speaking aside from the profit you can harvest from betting on the WWE there is still the question of risk. Nevertheless, the risk is very limited. As mentioned earlier sportsbooks limit the amount of action that they are willing to take on the WWE and thus the amount of money that anyone is physically capable of losing is also limited.

Summing up

To sum it all up the WWE fanbase is massive and the option of betting on these events gives the die-hard fans the chance of making some extra cash.

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