Why CBD doesn’t work for everyone?

Various factors come into play when evaluating CBD’s potential to deliver benefits. While many people can’t stop raving about the incredible results they receive after taking CBD oil dropsothers don’t believe the hype.

CBD isn’t a miracle drug, but when used correctly, it can be highly beneficial. While some people’s bodies may not be capable of experiencing the effects, most people are not giving CBD a fair chance.

How Does CBD Work?

To understand why CBD may not work for some users, we have to go over how it works. After taking a product such as CBD capsules, a certain amount of CBD enters the bloodstream. Different administration methods result in various percentages of CBD becoming bioavailable; users need to keep this in mind.

When CBD is in the bloodstream, it is distributed throughout the body. Because CBD does not directly bind with endocannabinoid receptors, the target is the enzymes in the ECS. These enzymes regulate the release of the receptors that give us the desired benefits.

When someone claims CBD oil does not work on them, likely, they aren’t getting any or enough CBD into the bloodstream to affect their enzymes.

Common Reasons CBD isn’t Working

Not getting enough CBD into the bloodstream is just one of the factors that may be affecting results. CBD tolerance can also come into play and require the user to increase their dosage. One amount of CBD may change someone’s life, while another person could not have any changes to their ECS.

CBD oil experience also comes into play. Taking CBD correctly and experimenting with different doses can have a significant effect on results.

Another reason CBD oil may not be working is that some CBD products do not contain the advertised potency amounts. Unethical retailers pose hemp oil as CBD oil, counting on uneducated buyers not to know the difference. Unfortunately, many companies are looking for a quick sale, and their products won’t deliver on the benefits associated with CBD. Always check lab tests before buying a CBD product.

Can CBD Have No Effect?

CBD isn’t going to help everyone improve their lives. The benefits depend on increasing endocannabinoid production; if someone’s ECS is already producing efficient levels, CBD will not help them.

It is possible to have a genetic mutation that causes abnormally high levels of endocannabinoids. For these individuals, their specific condition is most likely not caused by insufficient endocannabinoid levels. Our bodies are complex, and several reasons can cause issues.

Before Giving Up on CBD

If you aren’t impressed with the results after taking CBD, try these before you quit:

  • Take CBD every day for one month.
  • Increase your dosage after a couple of weeks of consistent use.
  • Try a different delivery method, especially if you are using CBD edibles.
  • Switch up your type of CBD. Try full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolate products.
  • Change retailers.

Before giving up, try these methods. If CBD still is not working, you may have sufficient endocannabinoids already.

CBD is an incredible compound derived from one of nature’s greatest gifts, but it may not work for everyone. That being said, most people don’t give CBD a fair shot and quit before really building up the endocannabinoids.

Taking a holistic approach to health is a lifestyle. Fixing your mental health with a couple of servings of CBD would be ideal but isn’t realistic. Too many people are looking for a quick fix and not willing to put in the time. Taking CBD every day is a commitment and could drastically improve your life, but CBD alone may not be the answer. An encompassing lifestyle change and regular doses of high-quality CBD could be needed to truly overcome a severe condition.


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