Why betting online can enhance the wrestling fan experience

Global wrestling is often perceived as one of the most entertaining sports. Therefore, many choose to increase the already high level of entertainment by betting on the sport. Even though betting can seem like a somewhat complex activity, it can be just as enjoyable as it is intricate. Here’s everything you need to know. 

How Betting Works 

When placing a bet on sports, bettors put their money on the outcome of a game. If bettors are lucky, they can get winnings in return, but if they do not, they lose their money. The winnings depend on the odds. Higher odds will produce a large payout since it is less likely to happen, while low odds show an outcome that is more likely to happen, but bettors won’t get a higher value in return. After having placed a bet, bettors have to wait until the end of the match to see if they are lucky with their bet or not.

Why Some Fans Bet Online 

Wrestling might not be the first choice to place a bet on such as football, basketball and the lot, but there are still good reasons why fans wish to place bets on wrestling matches online. By betting on wrestling, fans get a unique possibility, as they have to analyze the wrestlers beforehand.

The unique thing about betting on wrestling compared to betting on football is that it is scripted. Some have criticized betting on wrestling, believing it is too easy to receive insider information on matches. However, only a few people know the outcome of the matches ahead of time and if so, they are unlikely to leak that information.

Betting On The WWE 

As WWE events make for some of the most popular professional wrestling events, it would be obvious to know how to bet on WWE. However, sports bettors cannot bet on WWE events in the U.S legally. Even though betting increases fan engagement, there has been hesitation in betting on scripted events as investors fear the possible backlash.

However, some states, such as Michigan and Colorado, could allow betting on wrestling, as the WWE is looking into targeting those states. Those states have already legalized betting on another fixed-result event, increasing the chances of WWE becoming legal. Even though there are efforts to legalize WWE betting, there is a long and challenging journey ahead. Instead, betting on other worldwide brands like New Japan Pro Wrestling can be an option.

What To Know About The Type Of Bets

When betting, there are several betting options to wager on. One of the bets options is betting on the match winner, where bettors simply place a bet on who they believe will win the match. Bettors also have the opportunity to bet on the first-time winner. Besides betting on the possible winner, it is possible to bet on who will last the longest time in the ring. Before an event, bettors can also bet on the possibility of a specific wrestler appearing in an event and a specific wrestler who will be the first to appear in the ring.


Betting can be an entertaining way to elevate the experience as a wrestler fan. Even though the events are scripted, it can be enjoyable to try and analyze the wrestlers beforehand. Furthermore, because of the different types of bets available, fans have more options than just betting on which wrestler will win the match. Sometimes, it can be an advantage that wrestling is scripted, as they will often have the same types of storylines and make the same wrestler win. Besides WWE, there are several international brands, such as the NJPW and the AEW, as bettors can try to place bets on those matches.

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