What videos are popular on TikTok?

Most-Viewed “How-Tos” on TikTok

TikTok has become one of the leading social media platforms. As such, it is also becoming an ideal medium for businesses and influencers where people can share how to do things.

For example, people can share their knowledge on how to play at an online casino like Verdecasino. Today, we will talk about the most viewed how-to niches found on the TikTok platform!

1. Flooring – 6.4 billion views

The floor is a high-traffic part of any structure. As such, it is subject to heavy wear and tear. TikTok videos about flooring are popular because the creators give the viewers an idea:

  • How to install a new type of flooring.
  • What types of flooring are available in the market.
  • What techniques to use to install flooring.

What makes the TikTok videos so good is they are short and straight to the point. However, many of these videos do not make sense. For example, an uploader would post how he applied something to the floor. However, the video only took 30 seconds, and nobody had any idea what he was doing.

To some degree, the videos on TikTok about flooring are feel-good videos. They are fun to watch, and they introduce the viewer to what workers do.

If you just take the time, you will find gems in #flooring on TikTok. Some videos take 2 minutes or more, and the video uploaders speak or provide captions to explain what they are doing.

2. Carpentry – 4.5 billion views

Carpentry videos on TikTok are those that have something to do with any kind of woodwork or masonry. These videos could be about something as simple as building a shelf or as complex as building a house.

Here are some examples of the most popular carpentry videos:

  • Woodworking joinery
  • Creating shelves, sofas, and other furniture
  • Installing windows
  • Installing doors
  • How to use tools

Carpentry is an essential skill. People are interested in doing this because they also need some fixing in their homes.

Despite these views, we can still say that the ones on TikTok are not as instructional as the ones you will find on YouTube. In fact, most of the videos about carpentry on TikTok are summarized versions of longer instructional videos.

3. Plumbing – 4.8 billion

We all have plumbing problems. On TikTok, you will see all sorts of plumbing issues, both indoors and outdoors.

Some people post videos about how their yards get flooded all the time, only to find out there is a broken pipe outside the house. They do not necessarily show how to fix it, but viewers have an idea of what is going on.

Most plumbing videos that make it to the viral level are:

  • Plumbing issues that are gross—those that have something nasty oozing out of them.
  • Drainage problems in the city.
  • Open manholes that can cause accidents.
  • Clogged drains.

Some people even go as far as making absurd videos. For example, there was this guy who installed a toilet outside the house. No walls, no room—just a toilet in an open field. Then, he flushed the toilet.

Nothing happened next. The video’s intention was not even clear. Did he want to show that the toilet would work outside the house? Of course, it would provided that it is connected to a plumbing system!

4. Landscaping – 2.9 billion views

Anyone who has a garden knows how expensive it is to the landscape. As such, they are always looking for content that will give them ideas about what to do with their gardens.

Here are some of the most common landscaping themes on TikTok:

  • Mowing lawns with a machine.
  • Dressing or sculpting plants.
  • Gardening a spot with grass.
  • Converting an empty space into an outdoor garden or pool area.

Watching people tend to their plants or sculpt their lawn is a satisfying thing. Many people also find comfort in the fact that they are not alone with their problems.

Landscaping is one tough job. The people who watch these video clips are those that want to get ideas on what to do with their gardens. Some just watch these videos because they are satisfying, kind of like ASMR or something.


Who said that TikTok videos are useless? The truth is that TikTok has already evolved. It is natural human nature to be rubbernecks—we are interested in what our fellow humans do. As such, we will watch short clips of videos, even if these videos are not instructional at all.

As you can see, most of these videos have something to do with DIY. There are many people in the world who want to get something done, but they cannot afford the labor cost.

If you are planning on becoming a TikTok superstar, you will do well if you target one of these niches. Show people your skills and share what you know!

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