What to do with The Shield

Scott Batchelor is a lifelong WWE fan looking to break into the field of writing about wrestling. This is his first published article (and hopefully not the last). You can contact him at [email protected].

I was skeptical at first. When The Shield debuted, it kind of upset me honestly. To come out during a highly touted PPV match at Survivor Series and make such an impact felt more like a cop out to keep the title on Punk.

Many nights go by and all we see is the same thing night after night.

Popular Superstar comes to the ring. Shield comes out. Superstar is beat three on one, and then put through a table.

After long it got old, it got stale, it became predictable.

Ryback seemed to be the Superstar most targeted and it was only a matter of time before he got his revenge. Sure enough, he was teamed with Team Hell No and I had this pegged as a revenge match that would put The Shield back to only being able to take out Superstars when they had the numbers.

Something unexpected happened, The Shield won that match and they continued to win; each match they had, seemingly had potential to be its last, even beating the likes of bigger stars like John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show.

It became a mystery of who was gonna knock off The Shield. They have to lose sometime and when they do, something will have to change. I hope they don’t break up so fast because there is a serious lack of factions in the WWE right now.

As good as Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns are, they will need a big star to keep them interesting.

So let’s take a look at some big-name guys that could potentially take the role of a leader. Now these have to be larger-than-life guys who could realistically control big personalities. So as much as it would be nice to see someone like The Miz or Ziggler to join The Shield, they don’t quite have what is needed.

CM Punk

This feels like the obvious choice so I am getting it out of the way now. For a long time The Shield and Punk were linked. Punk’s enemies became enemies of The Shield. However, if this was going to happen, I feel like it would have been done by now. And Punk is doing just fine with Paul Heyman. However, Punk has already proven himself as a leader when he took over the Nexus.

Chris Jericho

I like the idea of Jericho being in a faction, considering he has always been more of a solo guy (except for his random tag team partners). Jericho already has the star power needed to make this believable and you could even count his recent loss to Fandango as someone who feels he needs people to watch his back. This would also work in the favor of Jericho due to his main successes coming as a heel.


Team Hell No is fun, they worked well as a team, the comedy was there, they had a great run with the tag team titles and their story arc seems just about over. Kane turning on Bryan would allow Bryan to go forward with a much needed singles push and this lets Kane take charge for a change. I also think Kane might look badass in the swat gear.

Mr. McMahon

If anybody knows how to lead its Vinnie Mac. What a perfect way for Vince to get back on television then have control over the most dominant forces of the better part of a year. The only issue here would be is Vince would have to turn heel again and find a formidable foe to feud with. Maybe Triple H? Thinking about a DX vs. Shield feud would definitely put asses in seats.


This one may be a bit out there but hear me out. Paul Bearer passing could be the reason for the end of the dead man gimmick. Although if the end is near for ‘Taker then I would assume he might as well go out with it. However, if you want to keep things interesting maybe Undertaker goes back to appearing on television on a more regular basis as the leader of The Shield.

Maybe during the Raw they interrupted him they weren’t coming to attack, they were coming to join him. He would not have to wrestle every night because he has The Shield to fight for him. He would essentially go back to being the American Badass but this time with a faction and some sweet swat gear.


It seems they are trying to turn him heel already, and if he can’t beat them, why not join them? Ryback is a late entry to the list because I did not see it working until Raw when he watched The Shield take out Cena. He would be my last choice on the list because he is powerful enough without The Shield, but I am just thinking about the power The Shield would have with him, scary thought.

There you have it. My top contenders for joining one of the most interesting storylines on WWE the last six months.

Any ideas yourself? Want to tell me how wrong I am?

Please, contact me on [email protected].

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