What to do when you’re not training

As a wrestler, your life routine will center largely around exercising and training. After all, it’s not just a hobby but a way to maintain fitness and stay healthy. Training regularly is a good way to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whether you’re training to lose weight, compete, or lifting weights for muscle growth, the benefits of training are undeniable.

An important factor that anyone who trains must consider is that you do require a lot of rest. As much as someone who adores training might want to get out and work every day, it’s probably not a good idea. Your body needs time to recover, and without it, you probably won’t even see the results you desire. Balancing your rest days with your training days is one of the most important aspects of working out efficiently.  

Have Some Fun

All work and no play is no way to live a life, so use your time when you are not training to entertain yourself. This could be anything you like, from watching TV at home or heading to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster. It could even be getting together with some friends and family and heading out for the day. If you aren’t too sure how to keep entertained long term, then check out this list of best things to do during the summer. Looking through plenty of options now means you can always find something to keep you entertained and not think about training, which is so vital for your mental health.

Eat Right

What you eat is extremely influential to how your body performs. The fuel you ingest can really decide if you move forward or backward in your fitness goals. You can work as hard as you like on training days, but if your rest days are filled with fatty, unhealthy foods, your progress will be lost.

You won’t need as many calories on a rest day largely due to the fact you aren’t as active. The calories you do take in however should be as healthy as possible. Firstly, an active person should take in about 2 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight. Protein is essential to restore damaged or tired muscles. Carbohydrates are crucial as they restore glycogen levels and should be where the bulk of your calories come from. Staying hydrated is also key to prevent dehydration and cramp.

Keep Your Body Moving

Just because you aren’t training everyday doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be moving. Going on a short walk, doing light cardio, or swimming are great ways to keep active without fatiguing the muscles. If you stay too stiff and stationary on your rest days, your muscles could begin to cramp or sustain injury.

Stretching is also something you should try to impose into your routine. This promotes flexibility and prevents cramps and stiffness. Stretching doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and can be done in 20 minutes in the morning.

Educate Yourself

Even the highest level of professional athletes have a lot to learn. On your rest days, take the opportunity to improve your knowledge in the area of training you’re involved in. Listen to expert advice on podcasts or YouTube videos, or watch professional athletes in action. There’s always something to learn, and it doesn’t take long to obtain information that can vastly improve your training.

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