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What is slots


Slots are the most popular games in any casino, but many people don’t have a clear understanding of how they work. In fact, some people have a deep misunderstanding of how its work, while others are more than willing to take advantage of the ignorance of the gaming community in these matters.

Arcade use a random number generator. It is worth noting that the roulette wheel, deck of cards, and a pair of dice are a random number generator in and of themselves. Modern slot machines use computers which generate random numbers, and these numbers determine the outcome of each play.

One thing which is important to remember is that the slot results are completely random. The game does not work on a cyclical basis, therefore the jackpots are not cyclical. In addition, the vending machines do not get cold or hot. The results cannot be predicted, just as better cannot predict what the next card will be when take it out of the deck.

How slot machines work

Slots usually have three reels, but sometimes there may be five reels. A drum is an image which rotates on the display of the machine. Various symbols are depicted on it; if manage to collect certain symbols in a line, it is possible to win money. The less likely to hit a certain set of symbols, the higher the payout in this combination.

Those positions where reels stop are called «stops». The drum can stop on a symbol or on an empty space between symbols. In early arcade, each symbol had an equal chance of being on the screen, but now when the play is controlled by computers, the odds can be adjusted differently.

Modern arcade often have from 30 to 50 stops. The more stops on the reel, the easier is to offer really big jackpots. For example, if game has 10 stops on each reel with the same chance per each of the stops, then chances of making a specific combination would be 1/10 X 1/10 X 1/10 or 1/1000. If the casino bets more than 1,000 units to this combination, it is possible to lose money on it.

The site of Wildreelsplay offers a huge variety of slot machine games on every taste and for every user. There are arcades such as so famous Crazy Fruit Machine, pokie machines and a lot of others. While speaking about beginners or those who do not want to take much risk — it is possible to try out the demo version of the play which offers the site Wildreelsplay. For others there is an opportunity to register on the site and place bets on real money.


Thus, in order to start a real play on the site of Wildreelsplay , the user needs to register at the casino and make a cash deposit. In online casino Wildreelsplay it is possible to find a huge number of arcades dedicated to a wide variety of topics. Even an experienced player can get lost in such a variety. Casino gives for bettors the opportunity to play arcades online without any charges what is a good opportunity to explore all their advantages without unnecessary risks; to a beginner, this is a great chance to get a complete image of the play in principle, get acquainted with the rules, strategies and then move on to real bets.

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