What do casino and wrestling have in common? Best casino wrestling games

Gambling has always been a popular pastime, attracting players from all over the world for centuries. With the rise of the Internet, player can get great winnings at real money casinos and spend free time with sports themed slots. Online casinos allow you to play the best gambling games, but you are also free to place wagers if you like it that way. In such circumstances, it’s no surprise that many people like to combine the fun of playing casino games with the excitement of professional wrestling.

Most users decide to do it on their smartphones. That’s because mobile gambling is extremely fun and convenient. You can gamble on the go whenever you like, which is what makes this gambling experience unique. In recent years, some innovative game developers have taken up the challenge to create some truly spectacular wrestling-related games available at australia mobile casino or applications.

Keep reading to learn about their similarities and the best casino wrestling titles!

Factors that bring together the two businesses

The first thing you should know is that gambling and wrestling are global businesses. That’s why they take every opportunity to act together and spread each other’s influences. Here’s how and why they do it:

1.     Betting is a big deal

For one, placing wagers on this sport is a popular trend. You may not know it, but many fans bet on their favorite wrestlers in both local and global tournaments. Besides that, some of the most exciting wrestling events can include wagering opportunities. That’s why casinos are always looking for new ways to advertise through pro wrestling.

Bear in mind that many gambling platforms now offer sports betting. In some cases, these platforms even provide exclusive bonuses and promotions if you bet on big matches and events. That basically means you don’t need to go to a traditional sportsbook in order to bet on wrestling.

2.     Mutual promotion strategy

Secondly, wrestling and casinos often promote each other. Casino operators work with pro wrestlers to develop competitions, while wrestlers use the money from the casino industry to finance their events. That makes them natural allies, so it’s no surprise that they are aware of each other’s success and constantly collaborate.

3.     Athletes act as casino promoters

Brand ambassadors are yet another factor that brings together the two industries. Some famous wrestlers use their celebrity status to promote the casino industry. After all, who says there are no athletes who enjoy poker or other gambling games? Players adore athletes and are more likely to trust an online gambling site if it’s endorsed by a popular wrestler. All these factors help create a strong bond between casinos and wrestling.

4.     Interactive games

Over the past decade, many casinos have tried to capture the adrenaline and excitement of professional wrestling by creating interactive games based on it. After all, these themes create an exquisite combination that allows for an immersive gaming experience. Nowadays, there are a lot of titles available to choose from, including slots, video poker, and other gambling games – but we will discuss these in the next section.

5.     Advertising plays a major role in this cooperation

Don’t forget that advertising is a powerful force in the 21st century, as it is what helps the two industries reach a wider audience and increase their revenues. Both casino operators and wrestling organizations understand how important advertising is, so they are constantly looking for new ways to promote one another.

6.     Both sectors are highly regulated

Finally, both the casino and wrestling industries are highly regulated. They are both subject to the official laws and regulations in any given country. That’s why they share the same issues when it comes to taxes, rules, and regulations. And that’s where their common ground gets even stronger.

The Best Casino Wrestling Games

Now that you know a bit more about the relationship between casinos and pro wrestling, let’s take a look at some of the best online casino wrestling games that are available for gamblers all over the globe.

●      Wrestling: Legends by Microgaming

This exciting 5×3 slot game offers 243 paylines and a ton of great features, including stacked wilds, scatters and multipliers. The soundtrack is simply amazing and features some classic wrestling soundbites, which helps to transport you into the world of wrestling.

●      Lucha Legends by Microgaming

Another great title from Microgaming, this slot machine offers an incredible 25 paylines and tons of bonus features. The game has a vibrant Latin vibe and its symbols are all based on Mexican wrestlers. The soundtrack is also filled with upbeat Spanish music, creating a truly unique atmosphere.

●      Pro Wrestling by Netent

Netent’s Pro Wresting takes the concept of casino wrestling to a whole new level. This 5×3 slot machine offers 25 paylines, jackpots, and plenty of in-game surprises. The graphics are great and the sound effects will keep you entertained, while the bonus rounds are sure to keep your adrenaline pumping.


Casino and pro wrestling go hand in hand, which is why game developers have created some amazing titles inspired by these two industries. By continuously promoting each other, these two industries have become natural allies and have given us some of the best casino wrestling games in the industry. So if you want to experience the thrill of pro wrestling, check out these titles or head over to your favorite online casino and start spinning. Good luck and have fun!

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