What can you bet on in wrestling?

Professional wrestling is no longer limited to specific groups. People from all over the world now enjoy it. Many place bets and earn huge wins from wrestling. For many years, WWE was the most popular promotion for the wrestling world.

There are plenty of competitions nowadays, from AEW to AAA. You can bet on wrestling matches in these brands. The odds are great, and you can always find a way to bet on your favorite matches.

Things You Can Bet on In Wrestling

  • Straight Bets

One of the most common bet types is straight wagers. It is available in all of the best betting sites for wrestling. You get to bet on a player that you believe will win the match. You can place straight wagers on championship titles, regular-season matches, or tournaments.

  • First-Time Winner

The first-time winner bet pays if the event winner is winning for the first time. This type of bet is fun, but it can be a bit risky. You would be wise to wager a small amount. If someone has never won before, their likelihood of winning is low.

  • First to Appear

First to appear is a prop bet. It lets you bet on the player that will appear on the show first. It doesn’t matter whether or not they’ll win. It is one of those bets that people place for fun. It gives you something to cheer for other than the obvious events of the match.

  • Longest Ring Time Bet

With the longest ring time bet, you wager on the wrestler that will remain in the ring longest during the event, such as The Royal Rumble. Since you get to watch it unfold, it can either make your experience truly worthwhile or kill your joy early in the game.

  • Appearance Bets

Appearance bets are prop bets as well. They are based on whether a specific person or type of person will appear at a wrestling event. This may include a retired wrestler, politician, or UFC fighter.

For example, you may predict that a female contestant will compete in the Royal Rumble. If they do, you win.

  • Bout Outcome Bets

With bout outcome bets, you place a wager on how the event will end. Your prediction isn’t based on the winner. Instead, it is based on how they will win. For example, you may bet that all undercard matches will end with disqualification.

The Biggest WWE Events to Bet On

Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble is the first big pay-per-view wrestling event in the United States every year.

There are many bet types to place on this spectacular event. Many Royal Rumble betting sites allow you to bet on: the most eliminations, wrestlers that will make it to the ‘Final Four,’ first one to be eliminated, the number of eliminations a wrestler may have, and whether the longest ring time record may be broken.

However, the most popular betting option is who will win. You may bet on the winners for the Women’s Royal Rumble or Men’s Royal Rumble. Sportsbooks change bet props every year.


The significance of WrestleMania cannot be overstated. It is arguably the most significant event of the year. It has some of the shiniest championship belts and biggest stars in the world.

With WrestleMania, you can only bet for real money. Many apps and sites offer competitive odds. They may provide you with useful information that increases your chances of winning.

There are two main types of wagers for WrestleMania: Money lines and prop bets. With money lines, your wager is based on the winner of the match. For example, wrestler 1 may have -200 odds while wrestler 2 has +150 odds. If you bet on wrestler 1 to win and you wager $200, you may get $100 if they do.

WrestleMania has more proposition bets than any other WWE event. The high number of prop bets is a result of this event’s popularity. It attracts all types of bettors from all parts of the world. Prop bets for WrestleMania include surprise appearances, title changes, and order of matches.

In conclusion, betting on wrestling has become a popular pastime because of its unique benefits. Although it is scripted, there is still room for betting as only a few people know the outcome of a match. When betting, it is essential to note that the storyline is more important than the actual prowess of the athlete.

Remain objective even when you prefer some wrestlers over others. Like with other sports, you cannot allow personal bias to take over. Manage your bankroll to avoid losing more than you can afford, and always try to establish the best value when betting.


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