Understanding wrestling betting better

Many people love online sports betting due to the variety of sites you get to choose from. It makes it a lot easier to gamble, especially for the newcomers.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for wrestling betting in particular. Maybe it’s because it takes time to learn. Luckily, this article will give you a better understanding about wrestling betting.

Getting started

Wrestling betting goes beyond picking a winner and a loser. There is more to it, but rarely includes stalemates. Unless it is a match with judges where they agree it was a draw. Other forms of wrestling are scripted for entertainment purposes. This information can make or break your bet, depending on how you take it.

To get started, you’ll need to choose the best betting sites to wager on. You can check Odds Shark UFC betting for the top sites offering news, tips, odds, and prediction for UFC. Here you can learn the best practices for wrestling betting to get you started.

It is best to remain positive and explore loopholes as we will discuss below. Here are some of the best tips and ways to better understand wrestling betting.


This is more of a tip than a market to explore. We all know how hectic wrestling preparations are. They require a lot of time, and planning, and consume a lot of energy.

All this means that a tighter schedule than your opponent disadvantages you. No matter how slim the difference is, it counts. Fatigue comes in for the wrestler with a tighter schedule.

If not, their training has to be altered. This gives an advantage to the wrestler with a bit more time. If you don’t look at these factors, getting a result will come down to sheer luck.

Depending on the type of wrestling you are betting on, it may be insignificant. If it is a scripted fight with a fixed result, the outcome will be the same. On the other hand, if it is an unpredictable fight, the schedule plays in. The calibre of opponents faced in the near past is also important.

The fighter with tougher matches may seem to be at a disadvantage. However, this may play out in their favor because it increases their resilience. Also, the fighter with “easier” fights may get complacent.

Future fights also play a part. If one fighter has more fights soon. They will tend to fight, preserving energy for the next opponent. The calibre of the opponent will again have a say here.

  1. The next world champion

All wrestling events have one thing in common. There is always a championship to fight for. This means there is always a champion to fight.

An underrated market is predicting the future champion. Wrestlers are given odds depending on various factors. Previous championships matter, and so does the form of the athlete.

Some wrestlers pick up championships when they are in the prime of their lives. Some have only one moment like this while others are lucky to have multiple.

Again, the script is important here. If it is a WWE championship, there is a high chance it is predetermined. This means you have to follow the storylines closely. If not, at least conduct some research before betting. Sports betting is always about taking risks.

This too applies in wrestling betting. Although some outcomes may be obvious, take risks once in a while. Taking risks means dealing with difficult to predict games. But it also increases your chances of winning.

It is therefore advisable to wager lower amounts that would not affect you. This way, if you lose, it won’t be felt that much. Also, if you win, the returns will be reasonable because the odds were high.

  1. Method of winning

There are three major ways a match can be won in wrestling. This depends on a few factors though. First, the type of wrestling or the rules of the match. Also, the conditions the match is being fought in.

If it is a WWE match, then there are three ways. A pinfall, submission, or count-out. It also depends on the match. Some matches only allow pinfall or submission. Other matches go as far as specifying submission only.

Once you know how the match can be won, it narrows it down. The next step is to analyse the wrestlers. There are wrestlers known for specific details. One of these details is how they win a match. If they are known for submitting opponents, that is the way to go.

Some wrestlers are known for their resilience too. They have a history of never submitting to their opponents. This is important to check out. If one is a submission specialist and one is resilient, it is tough.

It becomes harder to decide. Here, you will have to look at who has more success. If it is the resilient one, then bet against the match ending in submission. If not, bet the other way. This seems like a niche market, but people don’t pay enough attention. There is always a big chance to win here.

  1. Duration of the match

Here, again, it depends on a few factors. The first one is the magnitude of the match. If the match has two heavyweights or superstars, it may last longer.

Maybe because it has to for entertainment purposes and airtime. It could also be because the match is genuinely tough. It all goes back to the type of wrestling you are betting on.

Scripted ones will tend to go longer. However, sometimes there is the element of surprise. Be careful not to fall for one of these traps.

If the match is a mismatch, it is easier to bet on. Whether it is the main event or not will tell you it is a mismatch. Undercards tend to be quick. One of the wrestlers is always a class above their opponent. This helps to make the match shorter.

The market here is interesting. If you predict a match to be too short, the odds become higher. This reduces your chances of winning. However, when you win, it will be a lump sum.


Wrestling may not have as many markets as other sports. The few that are available can be exploited to your advantage. The tips may come in handy as well.

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