Trends in mobile development and how they influence mobile casino gaming

If you like to play baccarat online on your mobile phone, you can continue to do this, but get ready for a very different gaming experience soon. The rules of the games will not change, but you will get a new experience due to new mobile development trends. Companies that develop mobile applications keep up with new trends, and this directly affects all the applications they develop. This also applies to mobile casino gaming, and some of the changes are effective enough to change your gaming habits forever. Below, we talk about new trends in mobile development and how they affect mobile casino gaming.

5G Technology

You’ve probably heard of 5G technology before: this technology enables download speeds of up to 1 Gbps on smartphones. This means that much more complex applications can now run on phones easily. Most VR (virtual reality) apps, for example, require some calculations to be done in the cloud, and with current connection speeds, this is a time-consuming process. However, with 5G technology, even the most complex calculations will happen so fast that the user will not feel any difference.

Mobile apps and hence mobile casino games, can now contain much more advanced graphics and still won’t lose their instant-play feature. Likewise, you will see that innovative technologies such as VR and AR (augmented reality) are used more frequently. Point the camera wherever you want and place your cards on a real-world table: AR technology can let you do this easily.

Say Hello to AI

According to a study conducted in 2019, there is a 270% increase in the number of companies using AI in their applications. Don’t worry, this AI isn’t trying to take over the world. On the contrary, it enables the development of better applications by analyzing user data and habits. Using AI, it is possible to optimize any application according to user requests. AI analyzes massive amounts of data in seconds, enabling developers to create a roadmap. In addition, by showing which features are liked, it makes it possible to shape the development process completely according to user feedback.

This also applies to mobile casino games. For example, bonuses that no one uses in mobile slot games can be easily detected, and these will no longer be a part of the development process. Instead, you’ll be able to get special bonuses for the bets you use most often, and AI will decide what those will be, ​​analyzing your gameplay habits. In other words, every player will be able to get a personalized online gambling experience. In fact, every player can even see a personalized interface: if you are using the “auto-spin” feature constantly, you can see its button a little bigger, for example.

Cloud Computing Will Be the New King

The size of the mobile apps will shrink, and you won’t even need to download most of them: you will be able to launch the app as soon as you tap the “Play” button. One of the things that makes this possible is the 5G technology we mentioned above. However, the main reason is that there has been a transition to a development type where complex calculations are made on the cloud. The applications you see on mobile screens are actually just an interface: they can work without having to install anything on your phone. For example, when you press the “spin” button while playing mobile slots, the calculations made on the cloud decide what the result will be, and you just see this result on the screen: your phone is not doing any of these calculations.

Mobile apps are now just a “shell,” and all the code they use is stored in the cloud. This is more important than you think because it means we can now get rid of operating system restrictions and do not have to replace our mobile phones every year. We will get rid of operating system restrictions because applications will actually run in the cloud, meaning you will be using an online service, and it will run no matter what operating system you are using. Hardware power will not matter because every application will work like some kind of streaming service: since all calculations are done off-device, you will be able to see great graphics and run demanding applications even with a cheap phone. Therefore, mobile game developers will no longer have to develop a game for a specific platform or test the game on different hardware and be able to act much more creatively.

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