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Top WWE wrestlers making bank in 2022


Although important combat focused events like the UFC have risen to the fore in recent decades, alongside other popular mixed martial arts organizations around the globe, the WWE still engages and entertains millions of avid fans around the world.

Often shortened to the WWE trade name, World Wrestling Entertainment has become a massive global entertainment company, branching out into various other areas including sports and the movie business.

Such is the continued fandom and popularity of the WWE, big events like Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania typically attract plenty of wagering interest, now that online bookies offer a broader variety of markets.

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But who are the professional wrestlers the WWE is backing most right now? Well, according to various insightful sources of information, these are currently the top five stars earning the biggest bucks from the organization.

Brock Lesnar

Combat sports are the lifeblood of Brock Lesnar, who has become a legend in his own lifetime. Indeed, he is the only male athlete ever to hold world heavyweight championships in the NCAA, WWE, and the UFC during his remarkable career.

Known as “The Next Big Thing” when he debuted on TV back in March 2002, the rise of Lesnar practically became unstoppable. By August that year, he became one of the youngest competitors to take the WWE Championship, beating The Rock at SummerSlam.

Over the last 20 years, Lesnar has become one of the most storied participants in the WWE arena, packed with plenty of interesting feuds featuring other top stars. Having just celebrated his 44th birthday, Lesnar is widely expected to earn around $15 million in 2022.

John Cena

To understand just how big a name he has become over the years, all we need to do is look at the John Cena page on IMDB. The site highlights all of his TV and movie appearances, including work as an executive producer, underlining his influence in the ring and on screen.

While the WWE only recognizes titles, although they do acknowledge that wrestling legend Ric Flair held 16 world titles during his illustrious career, which is only matched in the modern era by Cena. Now aged 45, Cena won the WWE Championship 13 times, plus the World Heavyweight Championship 3 times.

Despite being considered something of a part-timer in the WWE these days, thanks to his enduring popularity and marketability, Cena is estimated to earn around $13 million per year at present.

Roman Reigns

If ever there was a professional wrestler who lives up to his name, then look no further than reigning WWE Champion Roman Reigns, having won the title four times during his illustrious career. Inevitably, this also makes Reigns one of the most appealing figures in the WWE.

Billed as a unification bout of sorts, Reigns claimed his fourth WWE Championship during a thrilling Winner Takes All match against Brock Lesnar, which took place at Wrestlemania 38 in April 2022. This also gave claim to Reigns as undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Undoubtedly the biggest personality in the WWE right now, Reigns certainly pulls the crowds at venues throughout the United States and via pay-per-view events. Tipped to pocket $10 million or more in 2022, he is already one of the biggest earners.

Seth Rollins

Back when Seth Rollins made his impressive debut as a Shield member in 2012, everything pointed at him quickly becoming one of the most popular attractions in the WWE. The organization hasn’t been wrong, insofar as his appeal to fans is concerned.

Rollins has gone on to be considered one of the greatest professional wrestlers of his generation, while the 36-year-old has also headlined numerous major pay-per-view events, appearing in some of the most memorable contests of the last decade.

Keen to ensure that he doesn’t join other promotions, the WWE has happily increased the pay of Rollins consistently year on year. Said to get a basic salary of more than $3 million per year, Rollins could surpass $8 million in 2022, thanks to merchandise and his cut of other revenues.

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