Top WWE Stars who will break out in 2023

WWE relies on superstars to carry the name of the company. In the past decade, top names like Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have been the face of WWE. However, that is not to say that no other stars have risen during that period. Homegrown talents have emerged to push through the company merchandise. For example, Logan Paul transitioned from boxing to wrestling, and he is one of the success stories at WWE.

Triple H, one of the WWE legends and currently the chief content officer, has been instrumental in improving the wrestling sport. He introduced many stars to WWE. In some instances, he has expressed disappointment in the underwhelming performances of the stars, but there is hope that they will develop now and in the future. Each year, WWE strikes gold in the quality of young wrestlers, and you can rest assured that they will rise to the occasion.

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world. Due to its popularity, many fans have identified their favourite fighters to support and bet on them. There are many wrestling events worldwide happening daily. Enthusiastic bettors can find a wide range of betting markets at online betting sites and wager on WWE matches for both men and women. Apart from the thrill of watching top fighters battle it out in the ring, you could be lucky to win some bets and bonuses.

Below are five stars that will likely break out in 2023.

  • Austin Theory

2022 may not have been the best year for Austin Theory, but it had its share of success for him. He had a terrible run of form, losing a number of matches to bigger stars. His better days came when he won the United States and Money in the Bank titles.

The year ended on a high note when Austin revamped his gimmick and high-profile feuds with Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins. During the era of McMahon, Theory was poised to take on John Cena in WrestleMania 39. This feat just shows you that he is a big star in the making. When Triple H took over, Theory has excelled with his recent gimmick makeover that has people talking about such a young prospect.

  • Raquel Rodriquez 

Raquel recently put up a superstar display in the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Ronda Rousey, leaving no doubt that she is the next big thing in WWE. Her success is partly attributed to Triple H, who gave her a strong push in NXT. The efforts by Triple H since he took over the creative process are bearing fruit because Raquel now enjoys a deep connection with the crowd.

The reason why the 31-year-old is marketable is that she is quite solid in the ring. She also boasts a strong physique and height. She is the tallest woman on the WWE’S main roster. Over time, Raquel has built a strong character, and the in-ring experience will certainly make her a champion come the end of the year.

  • Solo Sikoa

Two major events have elevated Solo Sikoa, and he is already a superstar. His involvement in The Bloodline has brought him massive popularity. The Bloodline is currently the biggest stable in WWE. Another event is when Sikoa debuted as Roman Reign’s enforcer less than four months ago.

Sikoa only made his debut in September at the Clash at the Castle. Since then, he has displayed exemplary performances for The Bloodline. His skills in the ring have sold him as the faction’s heavyweight, prompting WWE to present him as the group’s X-factor. No doubt that Sikoa will become a main eventer in 2023.

  • Montez Ford

Before McMahon exited the WWE ranks, he was working on a massive singles push for Montez Ford that would lead to the end of The Street Profits. However, Ford took a low profile when Triple H came into management. The main setback was not because of the new administration, but he suffered an injury that saw him sidelined for the longest period.

Owing to this setback, Montez Ford will certainly fight a big battle to come out as a singles star. However, he is up to the task and poised to emerge among the top prospects this year because of his promo ability, in-ring skills and superstar charisma. At 32, he is obviously at the peak of his career, and he is already something special.


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