Top ways the WWE can learn from the NFL Draft

So what really comes to your mind when you hear of the draft? Is it good? Great? Alternatively, it’s just a waste of time. Well the way we see it, it actually falls between decent and could be so much better we reckon. The WWE has tried to adapt the draft, actually, it is the NFL draft style and it was for the good reasons.

Each and every year, a lot of football fans flood their way to the nearby sports bar as well as draft parties. As reported by some top NFL betting sites, somehow, the NFL has actually turned the Draft into a must-see kind of event. Most fans have been glued across the entire NFL Network, ESPN, ABC as well as some top digital channels. And it is not actually surprising why the NFL Draft has attracted an average of 6.1 million viewers.

And it’s actually a fact that the WWE will never surpass or even reach those numbers. Therefore, what it means is that they have a lot to learn from the NFL Draft.

Promoting The Draft Early Using Your Own Analysts

If there is one thing that the NFL is good at when it comes to the Draft, is making sure that they promote and market the event. Therefore, if the WWE wants to reach the same levels as the NFL when it comes to having a successful draft real marketing strategies is what they need. Even at most best usa casino online sites we have witnessed top casino marketing and promoting their brands by highlighting the games and bonuses they offer to players.

Make the Picks Feel More Important

The WWE missed the ship this year on how announced the picks during their Draft. Doing five selection all at the same time is actually not the way to go. When Becky Lynch was number, 1 it didn’t seem like a big deal. It should have felt like one big deal, unfortunately, it did not.

Looking back when Johnny Manziel was drafted by the Cleveland Browns back in 2014. It is something that wasn’t buffed. He simply came up to the stage and he gave his speech got his hat and hugged the commissioner. It was just an iconic moment for the NFL Draft, which went on and turned into a great event.

Well, you don’t have to stress about the Draft when you play online casino. Just place your bets and start winning big.

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