Top female UFC fighters as role models to young girls

It’s a terrible phenomenon around the sporting world that women’s sports (which are just as entertaining, just as skilled, and receive the same volume of views per cour) are often belittled. It’s people like Ronda Rousey who are true role models for young girls. She has been demanding more airtime to allow her fans to watch her fight.

Today we want to show you the best UFC Fighters who are developing into amazing role models for your kids. Not only are they beating Fanduel’s MMA odds, but they are also beating the system.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey has been the main spokesperson for women in MMA. She has opened up about the problems she has faced both in her personal life and her training. Rousey is not only an amazing MMA fighter, but she is also an outstanding Olympia. But her journey to these titles was difficult. She had to make a lot of sacrifices to get to this level and had very few people supporting her.

Rousey can be a little rude at times, but what can you expect from a fighter? Still, we shouldn’t ignore her message due to the “paper” it was written on. Rousey’s mantra is one that every kid should employ; believe in yourself; if you’re good at something, stick to it; and if you put in the hours, your work ethic will outperform the competition.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Jedrzejczyk is the third UFC champion to come from Europe. It took her years to travel up the rankings. Her determination for the sport is what brought her from underdog to powerhouse. She is the embodiment of why you should never stop reaching for your dreams, even if the rest of the audience is rooting for someone else.

Unfortunately, lots of people sexistly believe that women cannot be good fighters. Statistically, women are shorter and have less body mass, which to some means they are fragile. Of course, this is nonsense, and anyone who thinks that UFC fighting can only take one shape isn’t a real fan of the sport.

Jedrzejczyk uses her small body to her advantage. When it comes to the staredown, she crouches lower than her opponent and looks up with a menacing glare that will make anyone shake. In that moment, her smaller frame tells her rival that she will be in their space, and there is nothing they can do about it.

Cris Cyborg

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone’s body will have its own optimal range. Unfortunately for Cyborg, women’s UFC fighters only have 4 weight divisions, whereas men have 8. The 4 divisions are also barely separated, as the highest and lowest divisions are only separated by 20lb, which is ridiculous compared to the men’s divisions. Their smallest weight gap is 10lb, which is half of all 4 women’s divisions!

Cris Cyborg is a powerful fighter who exploded into the scene, knocking down everyone in her path. But because her optimal weight doesn’t fit into the 4 divisions easily, she has been through brutal weight cuts to stay in the MMA and was even forced out of a title fight with Rousey as her lean body wasn’t lean enough.

After openly crying from the physical torture, her righteous anger was seen by all, and none could deny that her treatment was unfair. Due to this incident, the rules were changed, and a new division was temporarily added.

Cyborg is proof that you don’t need to be a barbie doll to enter into the ring. Although her road was rougher than most, she is the force of change in the UFC. Now, women with muscles have a better chance at fighting on the screen.


There are so many amazing women that we could mention, all of which create amazing space for strong fighters. Cyborg, Jedrzejczyk, and Rousey have shown us that even if a system has been in place for decades, that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to succeed.

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