TOP coffee trends 2022

Coffee helps to wake up and adjust to work, accompanies business conversations and meetings with friends, warms and boosts the spirits of millions of people worldwide. The coffee industry moves with the times of the world tendencies, expanding them with coffee trends. Coffee fans are open to new ideas and follow new brewing and consuming coffee trends. Cafes and shops try to meet clients’ requirements and do their best to increase sales.

What Are The Trends In The Coffee Industry?

The main topic in the last couple of years has been coffee bean new processing methods. This trend is hard to call just a fashion. Instead, it is an evolution of the entire coffee industry. In the beginning, it was enough to grow coffee and use a natural fermentation process. But now, the era of experiments with coffee bean processing has begun. The moment is coming when bean fermentation will no longer be something separate and “for a narrow circle of coffee lovers.”

Brewing Methods

The way you brew coffee determines its taste. The brewing process can turn into a real show or performance. For example, the basis for the preparation of Chemex is an ordinary laboratory flask made of glass. It looks very stylish. Cold brew coffee is also at the peak of its popularity in 2022. The drink has exceptional softness and unique taste.

Nitro Coffee

Nitrogen-saturated coffee is the undisputed market leader and bestseller in today’s market. It comes in kegs and looks very unusual. Nitro coffee is only found in very advanced institutions.

Vegan Coffee

To keep customers and attract new ones, coffee shops introduce new products. These products meet the new needs of food and beverages that cater to vegans, vegetarians, people who prefer gluten-free foods, and others with special dietary needs and preferences. Therefore, you can see a vast spread of espresso-based cocktails with almond, oat, rice, and other alternative milk products.

Organic Coffee

Consumer demand for organic coffee grows. People are increasingly aware of the origins of products and try to learn how their coffee gets to them. Most leading producers support adequate supply and vote for fair trade and transparency. People go for organically pure coffee in environmentally friendly packaging.

Snapchilled Coffee

Freshness is essential, especially in warm weather or places of active recreation. If you feel like you want to chill up in the hot season, the cold brewing method will suit you the best. This is the procedure when a freshly brewed drink cools down quickly for the brightest taste and aroma.  It takes less time to make Snapchilled coffee than to make cold coffee, and you don’t need to dilute the drink by adding a cube of ice. Expect this trend to become more common in coffee shops worldwide in 2022.

Snacks For Coffee

Forget about the classic duo “coffee + sweets” this year. Gourmets choose unusual combinations. For example, coffee with dry chicken and other gourmet savory dishes are often ordered in America. People like spicy and exciting tastes.


In classic coffee shops, attendance falls after 5 pm. To increase sales, the owners of many cafeterias buy a license for alcohol to surprise guests with cocktails and an extensive wine list.

Coffee has been a trendy beverage for a long time and remains so. Its attractiveness to new audiences will grow with more convenient ways to use it and a greater variety of coffee blends and flavors.

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