Top 10 MMA fighters who support cannabis

Cannabinoids come with lots of additional medical benefits, which we have discussed plenty of times. Hence, it will not be surprising to know that lots of MMA fighters, preferably known faces, support cannabis.

Wondering who they are? Well, we have compiled a list of the top 10 MMA fighters who are known to support cannabis openly. Though we are putting down the list of only 10 MMA fighters, we are sure there are no more. The use of cannabis products like hemp-based THCa disposable has become very typical in this industry.

So, let us take you on a journey through the lives of these top 10 famous MMA fighters and their addiction to medical marijuana in detail. So, let us get started. Scroll down to read.

  1. Matt Riddle

He is one of the most prominent users of cannabis and was one of the first fighters to freely admit to using it. He was pulled out and removed to a popular UFC. Before he got tested for cannabis twice, he was the winner of the first two fights. He openly admitted consuming cannabis, which provides him relief from physical pain and aches and also helps him deal with his personality issues. Till today, you will find him massively and actively supporting cannabinoids. It provides him with lots of medicinal benefits, such as helping him sleep and relax his body.

  1. Sean O’Malley

Another great MMA fighter has openly said that he uses medical marijuana. Did you know that last year, he also released his strain, Suga Show OG, created by mixing Lemonhead and OG 92? A young star who is very open about the use of cannabinoids.

  1. Jon Jones

He is a known star who has given up on all other substances but is still addicted to smoking cannabis. Considered one of the best fighters, he has always been very local about his use of cannabis. Jon Jones is considered one of the most significant cannabinoid smokers of all time.

  1. Jake Shields

He is a significant cannabis smoker and has trained a lot of people. Though he has said in one of the interviews that he does not smoke every day, he believes it is one of the beautiful ways to inhale and be innovative and inventive. He also says that training becomes fun when he consumes it. You will see him in training mode most of the time with the Diaz brothers, and it is evident where all these came from. There is no doubt he is an avid supporter of cannabis.

  1. Nick Diaz

Another great MMA fighter is very public about their use of cannabis. He has also said that he used to pass the drug test even after smoking cannabis almost every day. For this, he was prohibited for five years after being caught. Moreover, his brother also admitted that he took CBD oil vapes at the time of the after-fight press conference. They are a prominent name in the world of cannabis. Nick has faced lots of trouble due to this. Most of the time, you will see him holding weed in his hand, and he is not shy with it. For him, using cannabis is very typical.

  1. Ronda Rousey

She is a female MMA fighter and a prominent supporter of cannabis. Ronda Rousey expressed her support when Nick Diaz was suspended when he expressed that he had used cannabis. The suspension of Nick Diaz for almost five years was unfair, as she stated in one of the interviews. Through the book My Fight, Your Fight, she has spoken about taking cannabis from a very young age. This clearly says that she is a powerful supporter of medical marijuana. She is the first female MMA athlete to openly support cannabinoids.

  1. Bas Rutten

Bas Rutten is one such player who has faced both ups and downs as an MMA fighter. After suffering from injuries in his fighting career, he had to take a lot of painkillers. This changed to consuming CBD oil for pain relief. This, in turn, became his obsession and an addiction.

  1. Mike Perry

In one of the videos that Mike Perry posted on his Las Vegas trip, he is putting forward how grateful he is for his life, and then, as the camera goes down, we come across half-blank smoke in his hand. Well, now we don’t need to say much; this show makes it very evident that he widely uses medical marijuana and is a supporter of it.

  1. Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez, a fighter who competes in mixed martial arts, says that using cannabis has helped him perform at his best. Besides using it for fun, he thinks that cannabinoids are significant for staying focused and relieving pain. Rodriguez says that using cannabis helps him be successful in the brutal world of mixed martial arts by helping him stay focused and intense.

  1. Brandon Vera

He is one of the most well-known supporters of this. He has been seen in many interviews and conferences with the CEO of an industry that supports CBD-rich supplements. It has been reported that Brandon Vera is a brand ambassador for this company.


MMA fighters go through massive physical training where they come across all types of pain and body aches caused by injuries. CBD has potent analgesic properties that aid in pain relief.

Earlier, consuming cannabis was considered illegal, and we know that MMA fighters have been suspended for this. Still, the announcement has been made that the UFC has amended its policy. Now, the fighters are not punished for consuming or smoking cannabinoid strains. The above fighters have stated that, yes, we use cannabis, and it has helped us.

We would like to put an end to this by saying that now cannabis and MMA go side by side as more and more reports are coming up where fighters are opening up about taking it. So stay tuned with us for more information and the latest updates on cannabinoids.

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